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Recap / The Dukes Of Hazzard S 2 E 17 Officer Daisy Duke

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Tropes present in this episode:

  • Absentee Actor: James Best was in the midst of a mid-season walkout. Several critics panned this episode, which they thought had potential as it stood but was nowhere near as good as it could/should have been because Rosco was nowhere to be seen.
  • Bad Cop/Incompetent Cop:
    • Partially averted with Daisy. But even with her still being a rookie, she broke several rules in the jailbreak scene: 1. Never set your gun down to tend to an inmate who is in distress; 2. Call for backup; 3. Never fall for the old "sick" gag, one of the oldest tricks in the book. She makes up for it by her determination to capture the crooks, which Enos comes to admire.
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    • Sheriff Grady Byrd, at least critically concerning his portrayer, Dick Sergeant. (He was shown to be a somewhat capable law enforcement officer.) Fans still often compared Sergeant to Dick York concerning his portrayal of Darrin Stephens on Bewitched, which was still widely syndicated on local television stations.
  • The calls Daisy takes that Bo and Luke interfere with:
    • Bar Brawl: A big one as Bo and Luke, who come to the Boar's Nest to stop a large fight in progress, end up causing even more damage themselves. By the time the fight is over, the Duke boys have knocked at least a dozen men (no exaggeration) unconscious and thousands of dollars in damage to the bar/restaurant area. Daisy is fooled despite obvious signs there had been a huge disturbance.
    • The Peeping Tom: Bo and Luke stop a peeper at the Hazzard Hotel.
  • First Kiss: This marks the first romantic kiss between Enos and Daisy (in the scene where an injured Enos sends Daisy after the bank robbers).
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  • George Jetson Job Security: Daisy loses her job at the Boar's Nest when she asks Boss for a (long-overdue) raise.
  • Old-School Chivalry: Bo and Luke responding to Daisy's calls; unknown to her, they had been listening on the police channel and had a code book with them.
  • Redeeming Replacement: While only a short-lived replacement, and still in Boss's pocket, Grady is a little less crooked than Rosco, not to mention competent enough to capture the criminals singlehandledy (the first time anyway).
  • Run for the Border: What the crooks plan to do in the plane, taking Daisy with them (or more than likely, killing her and dumping her from the plane), as they escape Hazzard.
  • Screen Shake: Twice, when Daisy comes home after her shift to give Bo and Luke, who were trying to "help" their cousin but instead were meddling with her job, a piece of her mind. The door slams so hard the entire house shakes ... and then after she yells at the two (surprisingly sexist) boys, slams the door to her room, again so hard the entire house shakes.
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  • Special Guest: Dick Sergeant as (acting) Hazzard County Sheriff Grady Byrd.
  • Stay in the Kitchen: Not surrpisingly, Boss shows "male chauvinist Hogg" attitude, but Bo and Luke's overprotective attitudes toward Daisy being a police officer are clear: She has no business being a police officer and might not be capable of defending herself if needed. Only Enos has confidence in Daisy to send her after the crooks ... and then only after he twists his ankle and she is the only who is physically able to catch them.
  • Would Hit a Girl: At least one of the Boar's Nest customers is seen punching a girl (a rather attractive one at that) across the room in the fight scene, shortly before Bo and Luke arrive to break it up.
  • You Go, Girl!: The entire episode centers on Daisy proving her worth as a police officer. Too bad she never got to serve under Rosco.

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