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Recap / The Dukes Of Hazzard S 7 E 16 Enos And Daisys Wedding

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Tropes present in this episode:

  • Bank Robbery: Another variation on the tried-and-true plot – this time, two expert robbers force Enos to participate at gunpoint, with his life in the balance if he tries anything to stop it.
  • Love Overrides the Law: In real life, the investigative process would quickly and decisively exonerate Enos after the robbers force him to commit robbery. In the fictional world of Hazzard, the only way Enos can acquit himself is to marry the only witness to what actually happened: His lifelong crush, Daisy.
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  • No Romantic Resolution (and its cousin, Maybe Ever After): Although Enos and Daisy ultimately do not marry in this episode, it is strongly implied that the two are still more than just platonic friends and fans were left to wonder not if, but when the two would finally tie the knot.
  • Shotgun Wedding: Although this one is because Daisy wants to protect Enos (from unjust charges) and not be obligated to testify against him.
  • They Don't: At episode's end, when Enos gets cold feet.
  • Will They or Won't They?: What viewers had been asking for years ... and they almost got their wish with this episode.

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