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Recap / Pokémon - Advanced Generation

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The Hoenn Region (Generation III)

Ash reaches Hoenn, where he meets up with the rookie trainer May and her little brother Max; Brock rejoins the group a short time later. While Ash challenges another set of gyms, May takes an interest in Pokémon Contests, a new style of competition that emphasizes aesthetically pleasing displays of a Pokémon's abilities.

    Season Six 
    Season Seven 
    Season Eight (Hoenn) 


The Battle Frontier

The group returns to Kanto, where Ash participates in the Battle Frontier challenge and May gathers more Contest ribbons to partake in the regional Grand Festival.

After Ash completes the Battle Frontier, May decides to head to Johto, alone, to take part in Pokémon contests there, forcing Max to leave the group and return home as well. After seeing them off to Hoenn and saying goodbye to Brock once again, Ash, inspired by an encounter with Gary, decides to travel to the Sinnoh region, with Pikachu and a stowaway Aipom in tow.

    Season Eight (Battle Frontier) 
    Season Nine 

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