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Recap / Pokemon S 7 E 32 The Bicker The Better

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  • Compressed Vice: After spending the series mostly on good terms with each other (before and after this whole fiasco), Ash suddenly gets more short-fused than usual, and May's vanity gets played up. And then they get beaten by a Battle Couple, and it just opens up a whole can of worms...
  • Enemy Mine: Team Rocket get into an argument around the same time as Ash and May have, leading to a sudden teamup of boys versus girls.
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  • Feud Episode: Never has Ash and May ever get riled up in this argument before, although at the end of the episode they reconcile.
  • Here We Go Again!: The exasperated looks on Brock and Pikachu's faces show that they know the situation all too well, having to mediate arguments with Ash and a certain redhead before.
  • Hilarity Ensues: The third double battle got a little insane, and it's best we leave it at that...
  • Irony: It's the villains who made up first, picking up their acts together faster than the heroes did. As a matter of fact, the Rockets' decision to nab Pikachu was what allowed Ash and May to work together again.
  • Not So Different: It's ironic that a feud would bring up some similarities between Ash and May, and Jessie and James.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Oscar wears a princely blue jacket; Andi wears a pink princess dress.
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  • Say It with Hearts: Taken Up to Eleven where Oscar and Andi's Combination Attacks (Rollout and Hyper Beam) inexplicably take the shape of hearts.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: After seeing his trainer blow up, Pikachu decides to spend most of the episode on Brock's shoulder. Brock and Max themselves seem to be dragging their feet on purpose, walking far behind hoping not to get into the line of fire...
  • Ship Tease: Probably the episode that most explicitly hints at Advanceshipping note .
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: Two pairs of them, of trainers and Pokémon. A bit noteworthy is that this is probably the only time we'll ever see a Nidoking acting lovey-dovey!

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