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Recap / Legend Of The Three Caballeros S 1 E 06 Stonehenge Your Bets

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After seeing a call to Stonehenge the team head to Goblin Town where they find out Felldrake is the new Goblin King.

  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Donald admits at the end he loves his new friends after a Group Hug.
    • In the beginning of the episode, Xandra says this nearly word for word when the couple in "Guerra de Amor" kiss.
  • Cat Apult: One of the goblins' weapons is a catapult on the back of a monster cat (resembling Lucifer), launching a smaller, flaming cat.
  • Crowd Song: "Goblin Jail" is this combined with Villain Song (at that points, the goblins are allied with Felldrake). The only person immune to it is Donald.
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  • Chekhov's Hobby: Jose and Panchito's love for telenovelas turn out to be instrumental in their escape from Goblin Jail and defeat the War Beast.
  • Eat Dirt, Cheap: The only food in Goblin Jail is bowls of "five star dirt". Panchito is the only one to enjoy it.
    • Of course he does: he's a rooster. Real-life chicken eat by pecking at the ground to find food buried under the dirt.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Worm hates being called such, though his real name of "Vomit" isn't any better.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Apparently Leopold considers Felldrake and Sheldgoose to be his "mommy and daddy". Then again, he's hardly evil to begin with. Felldrake being affectionate towards Leopold is the first thing that weakens the War Beast.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Even the goblins, who love war and destruction, are terrified of the War Beast and swore to never release it.
  • Eviler Than Thou: Felldrake releases the weapon so destructive that the Goblins took an oath to never release it. Once released the weapons proves uncontrollable and even Felldrake wants it gone.
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  • Gasshole: Vlorp, the fat goblin, farts a lot. Including one time where he's sitting on the Caballeros.
  • Gratuitous French: The War Beast is referred to as "Bête de Guerre" by several characters.
  • Group Hug: The War Beast is defeated when the Caballeros, Xandra and the goblins all hug each other, and Donald admits that he loves his friends.
  • Heartbroken Badass: Donald is not over Daisy's breakup from the previous episode and acts grouchy almost the entire episode. Just as well he got over it to stop the War Beast's rampage, or the plan to emotionally break it's heart would've gone south.
  • Informed Obscenity: The tourists at Stonehenge use "ding dong" as a swearword.
  • Kangaroo Court: Goblin Jail's court will automatically find the defendants guilty, even with the formalities and legalities of asking how they plead.
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  • Knight of Cerebus: Unlike most villains in the show, the War Beast is devoid of any kind of comedy.
  • Landmark of Lore: Here, Stonehenge is a portal to Goblin Town.
  • Mega Neko: The Cat Apult of the goblins is attached to the back of an enormous green cat.
  • Mook–Face Turn: The goblins become allies of the Caballeros once Worm/Vomit becomes the new Goblin King.
  • Musical World Hypotheses: The musical numbers greatly confuse Donald.
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: Worm/Vomit is the kindest of the goblins. In the end, he ends up promoted Goblin King and spreading a kinder regime.
  • Never My Fault: Donald has erroneously blamed the others for letting his duty get in the way of his relationship with Daisy.
  • Pass the Popcorn: A goblin is eating popcorn during the last "telenovela" scheme.
  • The Power of Love: The weapon gets its power from hate and violence, therefore it is weakened by love and kindness. It is defeated by the love of both the heroes and villains.
  • Platonic Declaration of Love: The Three Caballeros (and Xandra) all do this to defeat the War Beast, also solidifying the fact that they have become True Companions.
  • Prison Episode: The Caballeros land in Goblin Jail.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Worm/Vomit the Goblin is a dead ringer for Creeper from The Black Cauldron. He's considerably nicer, though.
    • A goblin version of Lucifer appears when they demonstrate a flaming cat weapon.
  • Soap Within a Show: Panchito and José both watch the telenovela "Guerra De Amor". Various parts of the episode has the two of them using a "telenovela scheme" to incite drama on purpose.
  • Un-Paused: Xandra is sent back into the Atlas just as she's about to clobber Felldrake. When the bookmark is restored and she's freed, she continues her attack, hitting Vlorp instead.

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