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Recap / Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog S 01 E 30 Full Tilt Tails

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The thirtieth episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Robotnik invents Speedamint gum to make Scratch and Grounder twice as fast as Sonic. When Grounder loses the Speedamint gum during a test run, Tails steps on it and becomes fast. Tails decides to use his newfound speed to help the citizens of Mobius, but only leaves disasters and accidents in his wake. It's up to Sonic to keep up with Tails before he makes any more enemies.


This episode provides examples of:

  • Borrowed Catchphrase: When Tails stops in the middle of the railway bridge a short distance ahead of the train, he says, "Sonic, I'm waiting!"
  • Bowdlerise: The Toon Disney broadcast of this episode cuts out its "Sonic Says" segment.
  • Complaining About Rescues They Don't Like: Tails tries to rescue a man who jumps out of an airplane. The man tells Tails that he was in a skydiving competition and Tails' rescue made him lose. Justified in that Tails didn't know the man was in a skydiving competition until after he told him.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Tails runs around Mobius so that he can train to be as fast as Sonic. When he steps on the Speedamint gum, he becomes faster, and believes that all his training paid off.
  • Disguised in Drag: Grounder disguises himself as a little girl as part of his plan to get the Speedamint gum back from Tails.
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  • Green Around the Gills: In this episode's "Sonic Says" segment, Grounder turns a paler shade of green than usual after he chokes on his cigarette.
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: Tails, who is normally an Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal, dips into this territory by wearing a pair of green shorts throughout this episode.
  • Help, I'm Stuck!: Tails gets his foot stuck on a railroad track when he attempts to race a train. He calls Sonic for help, and Sonic saves him by building an alternative track for the oncoming train to run on.
  • Never My Fault: Sonic, disguised as a hillbilly, dupes Robotnik into trading loot he stole from a nearby town for fake gold. When Robotnik finds out that the gold that Sonic gave him is really stale chili beans covered in gold paint, he blames Coconuts even though the latter had nothing to do with it. When Coconuts calls him out on this, Robotnik tells him that as the boss, he can blame whoever he wants.
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  • No Plans, No Prototype, No Backup: Robotnik was only able to make one stick of Speedamint gum, and it took him several years to make, which is why he is very angry with Grounder for losing it during his test run and wants him to get it back as soon as possible.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Grounder's little girl disguise has him wearing nothing more than a blonde wig.
  • Railroad Tracks of Doom: Tails tries to race a train, but gets his foot caught in the tracks. Sonic saves him by quickly building a new set of train tracks out of harm's way.
  • Racing the Train: After Tails steps on the Speedamint gum, he decides to show his newly-acquired speed to Sonic by racing a speeding train. However, when he gets ahead of the train, he gets stuck in the tracks, leading Sonic to rescue him.
  • A Rare Sentence:
    • When Tails decides to race a train to show off his new speed, Sonic tells him, "Tails, wait up!", then says to the viewers, "Those are three words I thought I'd never hear myself say."
    • Later in the episode, when Sonic tells Tails that super speed is for doing good and not just showing off, Tails runs off to look for people in need of help. Sonic then says, "Tails, slow down!", then says to the viewers, "I'm never gonna get used to saying that."
  • Real Men Wear Pink: The biker at the bar has a soft spot for little girls, which is why he tries to beat Tails up after Grounder, disguised as a little girl, tells him Tails stole his lollipop. The biker is not happy when he discovers that Grounder isn't really a little girl.
  • Sidekick Glass Ceiling: When Tails steps on the Speedamint gum and becomes faster than Sonic, he gets so excited about his newfound speed that he almost gets run over by a train, ruins a parachute free fall event and almost gets beaten up by a biker. At the end of the episode, he loses the gum and learns a lesson about not being ready for what he wants the most.
  • Smoking Is Not Cool: In this episode's "Sonic Says" segment, Grounder smokes a cigarette, and when Tails warns him that smoking is bad for him, Grounder makes him smoke a cigarette as well, causing Tails to cough violently. As Grounder chokes on his cigarette and turns a pale green, Sonic explains to the viewers that smoking is bad for your health and stains your teeth.
  • Speedy Snail: At the end of the episode, Robotnik finally finds the Speedamint gum, only for a Tortoise to find and eat it. The Tortoise is now fast, and looks for the Hare to challenge him to a race.
  • Tempting Fate: In this episode's "Sonic Says" segment, when Sonic catches Tails smoking a cigarette, he takes it from him and stomps it out, saying, "Whoa, little bro! That smoke'll make you choke!" Grounder says, "It doesn't make me..." and then chokes on his cigarette before he can finish his sentence.
  • Trap Door: Robotnik sends Coconuts down one after he blames him for letting Sonic trick him.
  • The Unfavorite: Coconuts. Not only does Robotnik leave him out of the heist he, Scratch, and Grounder pull at the beginning of the episode, but when he gets tricked by Sonic, he blames Coconuts and demotes him to mop-up duty.
  • Watch Out for That Tree!: When Grounder is unable to stop himself in time due to his brake chute breaking, he crashes into a tree, which is how he loses the Speedamint gum.

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