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When you meet with the lads of the Elfmaid, my friend,
You would rather face Umberlee's wrath.
Or swim in a saltwater bath!
Come ashore with the lads of the Elfmaid, my friend.
Some taverns to plunder, some guards to sunder,
And then, a short rest in the jail!
—Sung (badly) while in his "resting" phase by Hrolf the Unruly, a "genial ship's captain with a taste for recreational mayhem". Tangled Webs by Elaine Cunningham.

Listen to me. I've already told you you've only got two choices here, and you've already told me you aren't gonna do the smart thing. All right, that only leaves the dumb thing, and if you're gonna go that route, you've got some things to learn, and that's why I'm here.
Senior Chief Harkness, Honor Among Enemies

Super-friends, an A-list villain, a pack of goons - life doesn't get much better!

The Heavy, Team Fortress 2

"I'm-a Wario, I'm-a gonna win!"

[Charles Barkley] trashed teammates, cursed out referees, exchanged punches with opponents, and angered every kind of minority group possible, which was mitigated by the fact that he angered majority groups, too...

No matter how much you thought he deserved to be skewered, the man would wear you down with his antic charm. All of the Dream Teamers were friendly and polite when they met my family, but Charles was the one to bear-hug my sons and tell my wife, feigning confusion, "You seem like a nice woman. What the hell's the matter with your judgment?"...

The [Olympic selection] committee's job was to weigh the benefits of Barkley's abilities (they did love his rebounding) and general popularity (all of the top players in the league liked and respected him, especially Jordan, for whom he had good-naturedly caddied during a charity golf tournament in the summer of 1990) against the possibility that he would start World War III.
Dream Team by Jack McCallum

Wipe your mouth with your sleeve. Swear creatively. Recount old war stories and tell crude jokes. You're basically a nice, honourable guy; you're just a little rough around the edges. More than a little in fact. You're a twenty-something barbarian with an enormous ego, too much testosterone flowing through your veins, and training in the arts of both war and magic. You're basically a Technocrat's worst nightmare.
—Roleplaying notes for The Warlord, Mage: The Ascension - Lost Paths


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