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Basic Trope: Viewers that morally object to certain types of work and wish to see it restricted or banned.

  • Straight: B.A.N. (Battle All Naughtiness) is a group of people who seek to ban anything immoral they see on television shows - violence, sexual themes, profanity, and/or drug usage.
  • Exaggerated: B.A.N. is a group of pious and self-righteous people who seek to viciously Bowdlerize every form of media for showing the slightest hint of any immoral behavior, especially jaywalking.
  • Downplayed: B.A.N. only bans anything that is too extreme for viewers.
    • B.A.N only campaigns for the removal of immoral themes and disturbing imagery in children's shows.
  • Justified: B.A.N. wants the authors of the show to Think of the Children! who are prone to mimic bad behavior on television.
    • B.A.N. has legitimate concerns, as the show they are protesting often promotes dangerous ideas and treat real world controversial issues flippantly.
      • B.A.N. was formed because the rest of the town was outright apathetic to what they were watching.
  • Inverted:
    • C.O.Y.(Corrupt Our Youth) is a group of people whose purpose is to promote immoral behavior in children's programming.
    • The N.M.G.G. (No More Guardians Group) is a rival group that advocate removal of morals from media, believing that more moral shows are the reason why immoral behavior is even done in the first place.
  • Subverted:
    • B.A.N. turns out only to care about certain kinds of immoral behavior, such any hint of sex; they're just fine with media that openly support stealing from the poor to give to the rich, for example.
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    • While at first B.A.N. appeared to be spoilsports and Sour Grapes, an actual viewing of the show suggests that they were right to protest it, especially when one episode of the show features a graphic sex scene despite being targeted specifically for young children to watch.
  • Double Subverted:
    • ...until they are called out on it by their donors, and revise their list to be more inclusive.
    • But they also take offense to more harmless media, like the latest action movie.
  • Parodied:
  • Zig Zagged: B.A.N. fluctuates between objecting to legitimately concerning content (like child porn) and freaking out over video games.
  • Averted:
    • There are no moral objections against media.
    • Moral objections are only done via advisory boxes and similar methods - having it labelled rather than anything else.
  • Enforced:
    • The author had to deal with them on his last project and wants to write a Take That!.
    • A Moral Guardian is the writer and wants to show that a story can be wholesome and entertaining, or that not everyone concerned with content is a crazy villain.
  • Lampshaded: "If all of the fun stuff in television are gone, it's because of those crazy moralists."
  • Invoked:
    • The author decides that the best way to discuss his work is through controversy, so he encourages comments from Moral Guardians so at least there will be some discussion about it.
    B.A.N. Member 1: Doesn't this list of controversies seem a little uptight and unreasonable to you?
    B.A.N. Member 2: Don't be silly: B.A.N. has to be uptight and unreasonable; nobody ever listens when you try to talk on their level.
  • Exploited:
    • Bob knows that people hate B.A.N. and hires actors to complain about his show so more potential viewers will want to watch it in spite.
    • Harry, a company rival of Bob, plans to get more ratings on his show by hiring B.A.N. (or some convenient plants) to ruin Bob's show.
  • Defied: B.A.N. refuses to comment on the latest "immoral" media, knowing viewers will want to seek it out if they comment on it.
  • Discussed: "Who do those idiots think they are, ruining my favorite show? We're not children!"
  • Conversed: "Damn, ever since B.A.N. complained about Troperville it’s been getting watered down! Why is the dialogue all sugary and sweet? Why are we filled with these crappy morals?"
  • Deconstructed: B.A.N. wants the mitigation of any amoral content they find, but the times they lived in (or the place they used to live) have a different set of morals than where and when they are now: what may have been heinous in their day is considered tame now, so their objections are less being uptight and unreasonable and more unfamiliarity with the attitudes of the community. Even in their own group what could stand to be protected and what couldn't is a long running discussion held at several meetings, and they may even loosen up on some media they condemned earlier with a rewatch down the line: heck, they might even be right on banning something in a case or two, but the main problem they need to correct is looking at the piece as they see it before firing, not the other way around. As self-proclaimed guardians, they've begun to realize that maybe they don't know the public's best interests when it comes to moral media.
  • Reconstructed: It takes a while for B.A.N. to readjust their line of thinking. The group has a better handle on what shows to watch out for, and lobby their complaints accordingly.

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