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Playing With / Cast Full of Pretty Boys

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Basic Trope: Overproportional representation of young and beautiful male characters in the main cast.

  • Straight: A group of teenagers has 15 pretty boys and 3 girls.
  • Exaggerated:
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  • Downplayed: The show has a large number of very attractive male characters, but there's a fair amount of girls too. Maybe 10 boys to 5 girls.
  • Justified:
  • Inverted: The show consist only of tough women.
  • Subverted: A show has a large number of male characters, but the real focus lies on the female character and ignores the male characters most of the time.
  • Double Subverted: However, the female character happens to be the heroine of a Reverse Harem.
  • Parodied: There are so few women in the work that characters consider them to be mythological creatures. People who claim to have seen women are treated as if they just said they believed in Bigfoot.
  • Zig Zagged: There's an even balance between male and female characters in a TV show, but they don't all appear in every episode. Most episodes feature mostly (or only) male characters, while other episodes might feature an even mix, or just girls.
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  • Averted: The balance of boys and girls are even.
  • Enforced: Apparently, the creators of a show found a large fanbase in girls wanting male Fanservice, so they decide to reduce the number of female characters.
  • Lampshaded:
    • "Why are there so many boys in the gym?"
    • "Well, this party's turned into a total sausagefest." "Dude, there's like three girls in the whole city. What did you expect?"
  • Invoked: A group of boys go out camping without taking their girlfriends.
  • Exploited: A girl shows up all of a sudden with the explanation that "there's so many cute guys around here with no girls, I'm sure to find a date!"
  • Defied: A leader of a club decides to add some girls into his club.
  • Discussed: "Where are the rest of the girls at? Don't tell me she's the only one here?!"
  • Conversed:
    Alice: "There never seems to be any girls in that show. Did they all die or something?"
    Bob: "What do you mean? There's a girl right there! Don't you see her?!"
    Alice: "Erh... I'm pretty sure that's just an extremely feminine boy."
    Bob: "Wh-WHAT?! Really?! Oh, man..."
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  • Deconstructed: A world with too few women cause the men to fight against one another, just to claim and mate with them, not because they're beautiful, but they need to repopulate.
  • Reconstructed:
    • The men realize that women are too much trouble than they're worth and decide either to turn a few men into Futanari, or make gynoids instead.
    • Alternatively, they find out that the women have hidden themselves away from the violent males.

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