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Nightmare Fuel / LoliRock

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For a cheesy Magical Girl Show, LoliRock has some very terrifying moments.
You really don't want to get on her bad side.


  • Despite the Monsters of the Week being destroyed easily, Mephisto's Sand Monster is quite one of his best. A monster made out of something that can't be destroyed, even when Impaled with Extreme Prejudice. It starts out as a tornado first, but even when broken up, it can still become a bigger monster that would have been almost impossible to destroy had the Princesses not harnessed light to destroy it.



  • The way Gramorr is so afraid of Izira's Medallion in "Xeris" and in "Princess Brenda". Not only does he lose his cool completely, but the way he orders it to be destroyed is quite frightening.
    • Later, we see why. The Medallion holds destructive powers, some of which Gramorr probably couldn't match. The Twins go full Starscream on Gramorr and encase Talia, Auriana, Amaru, Brenda and Nathaniel in black crystal, permanently.
    • To an extent, after the Twins challenge Gramorr, he says "Come!" and appears as a giant illusion to them. Now we see why so little challenged Gramorr and joined him instead.
  • Iris when she channels her Shanila. The first time she uses it, she attacks the twins and slices a mountain in half. Against the twins in "Princess Brenda Part II", she goes into Unstoppable Rage after imprisoning her friends permanently in black crystal:
    • Her most chilling line?
    Mephisto: (clearly shaken) Whoa, did you see that?
    Iris: See what?! Your end?!
    • The next time she uses it, she straight-up kills Gramorr and supposedly Mephisto.
    • What makes this scarier is how Iris doesn't seem remotely bothered by the fact that she outright threatened Praxina and Mephisto three times with death between "Shanila Surprise" and "Princess Brenda Part II". Nor is she fazed by the fact that she killed Gramorr. However, she seemed shocked when one of her stray blasts supposedly led to Mephisto's death, going off the color of the light and the timing.
  • Auriana's personality when she's turned evil by the twins. You see her as sweet and kind before, but under their influence, she becomes vain and selfish, and goes all out against the Princesses without holding back. She nearly kills Lyna with her ribbon, and is almost impossible to turn back.
    • Earlier episode, Iris turns evil. Not only does she get an Evil Costume Switch, but her eyes turn purple, and when she casts spells, her voice somewhat goes a bit deeper. Talia and Auriana have chills when she encases them in black crystal.
    • Talia's turn to be evil has her more lifeless. Sure, she's practically a mindless zombie, but out of the three LoliRock Girls, and according to Auriana, she's unstoppable. Gets worse when you realize that Mephisto and Praxina planned to get Talia on their side. Put simply, they're learning…
  • Banes. He acts like the true Big Bad of the show, appearing to be more powerful than Gramorr. His most terrifying performance was when he tricked the Princesses into taking him in under the disguise of a cat, slowly draining their powers. We see him transform from a cat into Banes only through shadows, but clearly, Amaru, who is trying to get rid of him, is mortified by the revelation.
    • He also takes a direct hit from the Crystal Quinta. He is one of the few to survive, only with a few scratches. All of the Princesses are clearly scared of him, but he just leaves. The indication that he's the real Big Bad when he gets back to the Palace is chilling.
  • Praxina seeming to go mad after losing to the Princesses so many times. Her Red Eyes, Take Warning look is chilling, as is her enormous spell that for once disrupts the Princesses from using the Crystal Luxtra on her. The effect of her spell leaves a crater, and fire singes off of her clothes. Whatever spell she cast must have been very dangerous to use in rage like that.
  • Iris's Death Glare at Talia after she accidentally broke a Vocalextra from her Father.
    Talia: Iris… why are you looking at me like that?
    • Basically all of Iris's actions when under Lev's influence that she has a traitor in her midst. She has a dream about how Talia could be a traitor, with very ominous music in the background.
      • It even crosses into the Moral Event Horizon. Gramorr planned for everything to happen to break Iris's morale. Nathaniel was mind-tricked by his flower given to Missy, her father gave her a message with no tricks, only to find himself under a lie (and broken not too long after that), and she can't even trust her friends enough because they could be plotting against her.
  • In Season 1, Iris knows very little of her parents, only that they love her. Imagine, when Season 2 arrived, that the very parents she looked up to are telling her to step down from fighting or trust in a stranger. Both of these were tricks, of course, but the way Gramorr and the Twins were able to manipulate their words is chilling, giving a sense of Adult Fear.
  • In "Batty", we get a glimpse of when Rebecca, the Victim of the Week, first appears. Iris wanders into a cave and looks down a ledge, and we are treated to an unsettling sight of her hanging from her cord, unconscious and almost looking dead.
  • The effects of the Petrifus Spell in "Statue Game". While most shows have people just be turned to stone, the victims have engravings on their bodies, some dark engraved lines going across their faces.
  • The tale of Zanavian. He found out the darkest spells and secrets, and all of them were put into a book with an Uncanny Valley face on it. While only a few of his spells were used, it's chilling to know what other kinds of spells he found out.
    • There's also the Ephedian Book of Spells. As Talia says, it saved nations, but destroyed kingdoms. One of its spells nearly prevented the Princesses from returning to their normal lives.
    Mephisto: The enemy will no more be found…
    Praxina: …when forced to roam underground.
  • Praxina and Mephisto's plan to outright kill Auriana and Nathaniel while Iris was still in her weakest form. Auriana can't reveal herself, Talia is too weakened out, and there's little Iris can do to stop it. It's no wonder she uses her Shanila in rage.
  • Mephisto's death. He is crushed by a crystal, sent through the ground, and is caught in an explosion and too weak to teleport away.
  • Gramorr's death. Not just his actual, oddly common Magical Girl demise of being obliterated bit by bit, but that Long Last Look he has with Banes. The look Banes gives is rather... like the look a Big Bad would give a pawn that has outlived its usefulness.
  • At the end of Season 2, Praxina's anguished descent into deeper villainy. Despite not exactly having a sense of mercy before, she's a lot more calculating and less hot-headed than before. Instead of killing Iris in vengeance right then, she plans to make Iris suffer and she's just... waiting.
  • The horrific realization that Izira has been Gramorr's prisoner of war for almost ten years. Izira was found lying on a straw pallet at the top of a stone stack surrounded by glowing red spikes at the bottom. The stack lacked a bridge to get to it and cell walls were made of stone and had no windows. Essentially, she was in a hellhole with no escape. And someone was still feeding and watering her because there were a pitcher and plate beside her bed.


  • A FanFic titled Geode tells of Praxina recruiting an Ephedian named Alexranda to help her fight the Princesses. How does she corrupt her? She brings one of the girls who bullied her and tells her to kill her. Alex takes great pleasure in doing so. Praxina traps the bully in crystal, and Alex shatters her into pieces, her body with the crystal. Then Praxina gives her a corrupted Oracle Gem, making her completely lethal and heartless. When the Princesses find her, they are left in shock at the sight of the bully's finger still in crystal, and have to get rid of the broken body. Needless to say this story, with a K+ Rating, was about the darkest you could read.

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