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Nightmare Fuel / Littlest Pet Shop (2012)

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Even a softer, more comedic show can provide a few scares. General
  • Whatever you do, do NOT anger Penny Ling. It is quite unsettling if you do.
  • Buttercream is this at times whenever she cools down. The way she calms down though is a bit cringe worthy. The background music playing during this doesn't help matters.
  • The pets' nightmare about being captured by the Biskits in the second episode of the first season.
  • In "What Did You Say?", the girl who kidnaps Vinnie is a little bit unsettling, as well as Vinnie himself in the beginning of the episode, trying to capture and eat a fly that has both a face and apparently a personality, and speaking with a very low and un-Vinnie like voice.
  • Mrs. Twombly in "Door-Jammed" during her doorknob frenzy. Both Funny and Amusingly Unnerving....
  • Blythe's Dark Reprise of the "F.U.N. Song" in "Missing Blythe" when she is having a nightmare, where fashion students with buttons for eyes menacingly approach and attack her.
    • Listen very carefully to the lyrics of the original song. It's painfully obvious the students there are both workaholics and completely obsessed with fashion and only fashion! Even one of the lines in the chorus is "our clothes are pressed and we're way obsessed". It gets to the point where Blythe is getting more and more progressively freaked out at the students' obsession (something she goes over in the dark reprise "everywhere I look all I see is fashion and style but I need other things to make my life worthwhile") to the point that she's running away from the singing students to get to class!
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  • Wiggles the alligator's bullying is pretty scary. Makes it even worse when the pets are trying to get Blythe to help them but she's too depressed to notice.
  • Vinnie in "To Paris With Zoe" turns into some kind of giant monster with claws and teeth and screams in Sunil's face when he tries to change the channel. Even creepier is that it wasn't part of a fantasy, it just happened.
  • Vinnie's absolute freak out in "Sunil's Sick Day."
  • Blythe's nightmares in "The Expo Factor" can be this with a little humor due to the watermelons.
  • Though written to be silly and not meant to be taken seriously, the ending to "War of the Weirds" still implies if Mrs. Twombly didn't scream at such a high pitch, they WOULD HAVE been invaded.
  • In "Secret Cupet," Russell, Sunil and Vinnie forced against their will to fall in love with their female friends, acting really insane and completely alienating them, is somewhat terrifying. Especially when they come back to their senses, the three remember acting like that and were mortified. Even worse, what about Baa Baa Lou who was never cured? (But then again, seeing as Josh was cured between episodes, maybe it wears off once Valentine's day ends)
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  • The fact that Goldie was inches away from being literally torn to shreds is pretty dark for a light fluffy kid's show such as this.
  • While the original Groundhog Day was a comedy, the scenario itself is rather terrifying. especially seeing as the main character in that movie was stated to be trapped in that loop for 10 years (originally implied to be 10,000 years). Russell temporarily losing his sanity over this was incredibly unsettling, his friends begging him to calm down while Blythe panics and runs off to call a vet makes it even worse. And thank goodness it's a kids show, as most characters who go through this trope are Driven to Suicide (which only made things worse).
    • Also unsettling is that the above spoilered episode, is never explained. Harold says offhand that he knew another hedgehog that this happened to. So either Harold unknowingly has this power, (which may only affect hedgehogs), or yet again, this is implying the shop being magical. But if so this makes the (sentient?) shop seem outright malicious, even if the whole reason was to improve Russell's social skills.
  • "Littlest Pet Shop of Horrors" parodies Misery, a book about an author who, in one scene, has his ankles smashed by his captor so he cannot escape. Luckily, Penny did not go that far, but still.
  • Sweetest Sweetsie is pretty creepy at times, especially her loud, artificial screaming and crying.
  • Sugar Sprinkles' plotline in "Snipmates", in which we learn that when there are no sprinkles on her head (and when they are not arranged in the right order), she becomes increasingly angry until she hulks out and goes into an Unstoppable Rage that causes her express her emotions of pure, utter hatred (as well as insane anger), and continues to makes herself attack anyone in the vicinity, including her own friends. Sure, it's Played for Laughs, but seeing one of the nicest characters in the series transformed into a rampaging monster is still pretty rough.
    • "Race Team: Buttercream" reveals that Sugar Sprinkles's best friend, Buttercream, also has a Split Personality that can be easily, yet rarely triggered (only her alter ego's behavior is less threatening).
  • In "Guilt Tripping", during "The Guilty Tango", Blythe and Pepper sing about how they imagine the punishments for Whittany, Brittany, and Pepper after Blythe accidentally caused them to pull the fire alarm and Pepper accidentally broke Vinnie's lucky rock. During the first verse, Blythe sings about Whittany's punishment; being forced to row the barge she is on with oars. Then we see a Gross-Up Close-Up of her sore, cut-up hands. Apparently, it was so unsettling that in the United Kingdom airings of the episode, it was replaced with another shot of the drummer on the barge.
  • In-Universe Example: The pets' reaction to Minka's surreal painting in Episode 21 of Season 4, due to its Uncanny Valley look.