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As a Headscratchers page, all spoilers will be unmarked. You have been warned!

  • So, Nathaniel is established as really important to Iris (something Praxina and Mephisto are perfectly aware of- even Gramorr seemed aware), and in "Princess Brenda Part II", he found out her secret. He lost the knowledge due to the Reset Button, but he learned it and was completely chill with it. Why hasn't Iris told him when she explicitly says she wants to? If anything, he'd be in less danger knowing, so you can't really use what Talia said in the first episode as a reason why. So, why doesn't she tell him? Especially when she thinks she's going back to Ephedia?
    • This troper has wondered why they didn't spill the beans before (the twins knew what they looked like in normal clothes! Why hide the truth from friends?).
      • For that, it's because Talia told Iris in the first episode that it'd put Nathaniel in danger to know, but now that they've definitely seen he's important firsthand, now the girls know they know, why keep it from him? Before, they may not have been certain the twins knew. It's not about if they knew the girls' identities, and more if they knew Nathaniel was deeply connected. Keep in mind Iris thought she could convince them Nathaniel was "some guy" who was unimportant to her at one point. Plus, she didn't know how he'd react. Now that she knows how he'd react, now that they definitely know the twins know Nathaniel is very important, why don't they tell him? They might, now that Praxina is specifically going after him.
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  • In "Strawberry Fields for Never", what was the point of the Xaranthian ogre? Most of the time, the twins summon monsters meant to fight or trick the princesses but this ogre was supposed to march into Sunny Bay and do what? Destroy the city? Run rampant and cause chaos, thus allowing the princesses to get another Oracle Gem? Why would Gramorr and the twins want to destroy Sunny Bay at all?
  • There is a drum kit in the practice studio at Aunt Ellen's house but we never see anyone play it. Who plays it? It's not a cheap investment for a band. Auriana seems like the logical choice but a drum set is a little more complicated than a tambourine and it is never seen used on stage.
    • It was actually used by Auriana in "The Haunting".
    • They could use it to record their tracks, but it’s possible they didn’t buy it because when they play “BFF”, we see Talia playing a keytar made of her crystal. So the drum set could be the same way.
  • Where were Izira and Jodan during the final battle at Andrak? Carissa and Lyna were able to get to Andrak. Izira can make interplanetary portals and she is by reputation powerful if she has her medallion. It seems logical that she could have been at Andrak. I'm not sure what the Word of God is on princes like Jodan yet but he has a medallion and he has magic. I guess the point was to get Loli Rock to defeat Gramorr, but it's still a glaring plothole that you have two potentially powerful royals waiting around for their little sisters to either defeat Gramorr or get destroyed by him.

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