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As a Marathon Show, you can expect something like this to be quite funny.

Season One

  • In "To Find A Princess", Iris explains how many strange things had happened with her voice around others. Among them are letting toys float in a girl's room, letting water overflow while she's taking a bath, her mirror attacking her, and the pond outside of her house freezing, all because she's singing.
    • In the same episode, the tryouts. The singer already in the room is doing a horrible job. Talia and Auriana, and Amaru, are all cringing before they cut her off.
      Auriana: Thank you! *Record Needle Scratch is heard* We'll call you if we're interested.
      Talia: (through gritted teeth) We're not interested.
      Auriana: (whispering) We might be…
      Talia: (still through gritted teeth) Not while I live.
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    • This picture best shows their reactions to the horrible singer.
  • In "Flower Power", when Iris is help Missy, who is crying, after her flower is stolen, the first question she asks is "Do you have any enemies?" It only makes her cry harder.
    • This bit:
      Talia: I fully understand your desire to send this girl to Klatznik, but we need to find that Snumple.
      Iris: You're right… (beat) "Klatznik"?
      Talia: Word of the day. Use it wisely.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke when Mephisto uses it, and when it's used in almost every episode after.
  • "Be Mine" has Iris's love poem for the guy she just met while under a spell. Amaru covering his ears and Talia's "No. Just... No" Reaction sells it.
    Iris: Roses are red, irises are blue, you're in love with me and I'm in love with you. Isn't that romantic?
    Auriana: Yes!
    Talia: No.
  • When Talia and Auriana try to find out what's causing Iris's Mad Love, they are in the Smoothie Bar. The next shot, they're dragging her towards the pond, with a pouty look on her face.
    • Mephisto gets affected by the Archer Monster, causing him to fall in love with Iris. When Praxina questions him for what he's doing in doing what Iris asks, all the Archer does is shrug.
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    • While still under the spell, when the Princesses do the Crystal Luxtra, all Mephisto can say is "She does love me!"
  • In "The Birthday" Auriana tries to give Talia a hug. The latter just conjures up a blue crystal that Auriana face-plants herself into.
    • Auriana gets another one when she learns of a Party Store. She immediately asks how many parties they can buy.
    • Iris is talking with Aunt Ellen about the surprise party, which takes only one minute. The moment she comes back into the room, Auriana has already put up party decorations of every Holiday. Talia's reaction sells it.
      Talia: I blame myself. I leave her alone for one minute, and this happens.
  • "Sing for Me" has Talia with a so-called remedy for Iris's voice called the Ooze, which is literally green ooze. Iris is quick to reject using it.
  • Despite the dark tone of "Xeris", Talia gets one near the end for acting just as cheerful as Auriana. She assures the Princesses that it's only temporary.
    • Also, earlier, when Praxina is informing Gramorr about the failure of destroying the Princesses, she pins the blame on Mephisto, calling him the weakest link. Gramorr simply replies with an "I see."
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    • There's also a moment where Auriana temporarily goes deaf from Talia's attack.
    • Later, during rehearsal:
      Auriana: It was... until you started yelling at me.
  • In "Sirens", Auriana goes Dory by trying to speak whale. It's even one of her complains of what she didn't get to scratch off of her bucket list when she thinks she's going to die.
  • "Talia and Kyle Sitting in a Tree" has a lot of Ship Tease Moments between Talia and Kyle. First, when Kyle calls, she immediately tells Auriana to say she's not there, only for her to ignore her. Then, Iris and Auriana go into singsong mode when Kyle bumps into her.
    • When Talia is finally starting to warm up to Kyle, Iris and Auriana have become suspicious at this point. They spill a drink Kyle was going to give to Talia, and twice, they take out their weapons to take on Kyle. Talia's reaction after Iris goes "Hold it right there!" is priceless.
      Talia: No, no, no! There's no ribbon or scepter or "Hold it right there!" in this choreography!
  • In "A Promise is a Promise", Auriana tries to get a jewel Iris thinks is an Oracle Gem, setting off an alarm. Then Stan, the Museum Guard, runs up.
    Stan: Step away from the display! (Takes out walkie talkie) I have a walkie talkie, and I'm not afraid to use it!
    • Earlier, Auriana meets Matt, a boy just like her, always tripping up and acting goofy. Auriana looks to him like looking into a mirror.
      • After that, after Matt shows Auriana the T-Rex exhibit, Iris and Talia arrive, wondering where Auriana is. Amaru sniffs and points in one direction… only for Auriana and Matt to come out from the other side. Amaru spends the rest of that scene pouting.
    • There's also a moment where Iris chases the twins towards the outside, where she yells "Hold it right there!" to some strangers. They both have Mass "Oh, Crap!" looks on their faces while eating sandwiches, and Iris makes a Verbal Backspace by saying it's the name of their new album.
    • Talia seeming to lose it with Stan the Guard, almost losing her cool every time he interrupts her spell. In one scene, her eye is even twitching.
    • The one time Amaru isn't around to open the arena for the Princesses. He's at the T-Rex exhibit, trying to make tough faces, only for the Princesses to call for him.
    • "You're not so tough! You've got pink hair!"
  • In "Lucky Star", Auriana decides to have the girls go into a Photo Booth to take pictures of them making funny faces. When Talia protests, Auriana just shoves her and Iris in, with Talia making a Big "NO!" Reaction.
    • Iris and Auriana inside of the Photo Booth. Talia has a forced smile on her face ("I am smiling!"), prompting Iris and Auriana to get devious looks on their faces. They proceed to tickle Talia, who ends up squirming until she ends up laughing.
    • Mephisto's plan involves a staff that comes out of nowhere.
      Praxina: Where did you get that cane?
      Mephisto: Old family relic (twirls staff around) passed down through the male line to–
      Praxina: From Pappy? The Court Jester?!
      Mephisto: See? This is why I didn't tell you, Praxina! You're always so negative.
    • When the girls find Lily Bowman, Talia asks, while sending a Death Glare to Auriana, if she had any friends who forced her to make funny faces.
    • When Mephisto puts everyone to sleep at the party, and he and Praxina arrive to take them, they realize that they've already left.
    • Apparently, Nathaniel is a big fan of Lily Bowman, nicknaming her L-Bow. Then he gets affected by the sleeping spell as he's talking about what a fun guy he is, leading to this:
      Iris: Nathaniel, wake up!
      Nathaniel: We don't make shakes here, just smoothies…
    • Lily after waking up:
      Lily: I had this crazy dream. There was paparazzi chasing us, and we were on a flying horse, and I was talking to some boring guy in a cafe…
    • Immediately after an Oracle Gem arrives, Gramorr immediately summons Mephisto and Praxina.
      Gramorr: Mephisto, Praxina, explain this!
      Gramorr angrily dismisses the Twins.
  • In "No Thanks For The Memories", Talia and Auriana try to get Iris to jog her memory when having trouble remembering the lyrics to a song. While their tactics are funny, it gets ridiculous when you realize it's not only the very first song she learned, but one of the most frequently-sung songs in the show.
  • In "Batty", the girls continuously try to get Nathaniel distracted every time they need to take care of something. First, Iris slices his sunscreen, prompting to get a new one. Then, when the girls are going together, they ask him to get a kind of sunscreen that doesn't even exist, resulting in him searching everywhere for their specific sunscreen.
    • Also, there's Mephisto and Praxina reporting to Gramorr that they almost found the somehow-well-known Power Booster.
      Gramorr: Almost?! So I should almost enhance my power, so that I can almost remove the spell protecting the Crown of Ephedia?!
      Mephisto: Will that work?
      *Praxina face-palms
      Gramorr: NO IT WON'T WORK!
    • And when Iris tries to tell Talia and Auriana about the Monster Bat, she realizes Doug is recording, resulting in this:
      Auriana: We are so on the same page, Iris!
    • And don't forget the most memorable scene of the episode: After an argument with Praxina on who gets to use the Power Booster first, a man asks Mephisto to take a picture of him with his family. Mephisto gets… caught up in the moment, taking way too many pictures of the family, much to Praxina's disbelief. After one last picture on Mephisto's request ("Everyone say Ateruina!"), Praxina is forced to drag him away, who is mildly diappointed for not finishing the photo shoot.
  • In "Castles in the Sand", when Amaru tries to go up against Mephisto's Sand Monster. He ends up bouncing off of the Monster's sand and is sent flying into the sand, with his head getting stuck in a glass bottle. The way he runs up to the Princesses later to try and get it off is hilarious.
    • From the same episode, Mephisto tries to unlock the full powers of his Sand Monster with the words "Klaatu Barada Nikto", only for Iris to interrupt him every time with a megaphone. This leads into Mephisto going into a tantrum that has to be seen to be believed.
      Mephisto: (kicking into the air) Will you stop that?!
      Praxina: Couldn't you have just made it a hand signal or something? Why did you make it so hard?
      Mephisto: I didn't make it hard, I made it easy! Three! Simple! Words!
    • Earlier, Mephisto is trying to show Iris what her "one weakness" is using Doug's phone, and is distracted by pictures of his not-quite-subtle Villainous Crush, Auriana. He's quite delighted by them ("Ooh, here's a nice picture of Auriana!"), and his thrilled reaction makes Praxina Face Palm in the background, before she even hears what made him so happy. The camera shows Auriana, whose right eye is twitching, and Iris and Talia, who are (oddly, for the situation) behind her, smiling. Special bonus goes to Iris, who is clasping her hands at chest-height and looking almost dreamy. Animator's oversight, or Shipper on Deck?
  • In "Camp Princess", the Princesses teach some campers how to be like them by dancing along to BFF. At the end, everyone has struck a fierce pose… before they look like they're missing something and start to change their pose. Cut to Talia trying to swat away a mosquito.
    • Talia's hatred of mosquitoes in general, as well as other bugs. Her reaction to a stinkbug count as one.
      Talia: (whispering to Iris after seeing a stinkbug) And what creature is this?
      Talia: I knew it! *get up and goes after the stinkbug*.
      which leads into this:
      Talia: The life-stealing creature? I captured one, questioned it, and discovered that it is harmless. So you're either completely ignorant of Earth's wildlife, or you were tricking me.
      Everyone: laughs
      Talia: Good one.
    • There's also the Princesses trying to put up tents. While Daisy has an easy time, Auriana and Talia, two well-trained Princesses who can sing, dance and fight evil, are having a more difficult time setting up a tent. It leads into Auriana using magic to make a perfect one while Talia's looks like a mess. Brick Joke when it's still up and standing near the end.
    • In the tent, Daisy asks if the girls get nervous onstage. Auriana's story sells it.
      Auriana: The first time I sang in front of people, I was so nervous that I teleported to the other side of the auditorium.
      Daisy: (laughs) Auriana, you crack me up.
      Iris: (forced laugh) That was hilarious, Auriana. A hilarious figure of speech!
      • Note that Iris's eye twitches when Auriana recalls the incident, and she says the last words through gritted teeth.
    • Talia saying the one thing we all wish would happen when camping outside.
      Talia: I'm going to locate the mosquitoes with a spell, and destroy them!
      • At the end, when a mosquito buzzes up to her, she just traps it in crystal. Then it breaks out the moment she leaves.
      • Her fear of mosquitoes never ends when we reach "Legend of Lake Agnes" when Mephisto and Praxina use a crystal mosquito to spy on her and Iris.
      Talia: Augh! Mosquito! Evil! (Squashes said mosquito with her bare hands)
    • When Praxina sees the totem of the camp to use as her Monster, Mephisto is making faces with the bear.
  • In the episode "Smart", when Iris, Talia and Auriana are practicing a song with magic and Amaru riding on a magic star, Doug appears at the end of their rehearsal, leading a a Split-Screen Reaction of all the Oh, Crap! looks on the Princesses' faces. They get a Mass "Oh, Crap!" reaction from the Princesses when he comes to the realization that they're magical.
    • When the Princesses try to get Doug to believe that they weren't using any magic, with Talia and Auriana waving away the magic crests in the air, Amaru flies in, still on the star, and crashes into a wall as Iris grabs his star.
    • Doug later questions his ability to fly, leading to Auriana making up the excuse that it was a new dance move Amaru was working on. He reluctantly agrees to show it after Iris and Talia eye him, leading to a hilarious event where he dances off the table, floats in midair for a short while, then falls right onto the ground.
    • There's also this moment:
      Doug: There's something you three are hiding from me, and I have a responsibility to report it to my readers on my blog.
      Iris: (stopping Doug from reporting everything) And what exactly are you going to report? That you saw us doing real, actual, heh, magic?
      Auriana: Or that we're really, heh, (said very quickly) magical-princesses-from-another-planet-who-have-been-sent-to-Earth-in-order-to-fight-the-evil-forces-of
      Talia smacks her on the head with a magazine.
      Talia: I think he gets the point.
    • When it cuts to the villains' scene, Gramorr is literally reading off of a list of the Twins' failures, much to their embarrassment.
      Gramorr: Which brings us to Number Seventy-Nine…
    • Talia's deadpan reaction to having to be normal. When she realizes how Doug's phone is built like a tank, she makes a non-verbal Big "WHAT?!" and is basically stoic the whole time, trying her best not to lose her cool. The best example is when she's working out. Doug tries to interview her while she's Bo Staff Fighting, and nearly hits him in the face.
      • Before that, as the girls are getting ice cream, Auriana gets a whole bunch of different flavors. She quickly learns the hard way of how to get a brain freeze when Amaru tries to eat her dessert. She panics, stuffs the entire ice cream into her mouth, gets a brain freeze and tries to hold it in, all caught on camera.
      • Speaking of which, when the girls are shopping, Auriana puts a whole bunch of items into Talia's basket, prompting her to throw something at her from across the room.
    • When Praxina and Mephisto in disguise intercept Doug on his way to catch up with the girls, he asks if they're fans of LoliRock. Praxina confirms this, but makes an Aside Glance and almost throws up while Mephisto shows that he truly does love them, marking down all the things he likes about them.
    • When Praxina and Mephisto take Doug's phone:
    Mephisto: (after Praxina tosses him Doug's phone) We're taking it! (Beat) Right? We're taking it? That's our plan here?
    • Later on, in Round Two against the Phone Monster, Talia and Auriana swap weapons… and personalities. It leads into Talia acting uncharacteristically carefree and Auriana trying to be serious. Talia's impersonation of Auriana aces it.

Season Two

  • The girls are leaving town to go perform elsewhere, and Lyna and Carissa promise to look after things in Sunny Bay while they're gone. Talia, skeptical due to Lyna constantly levitating Carissa into the air, sets the rules for them.
    Talia: You can't use you-know-what on each other.
    Lyna and Carissa look to each other.
    Carissa: Fine, but she started it!
    Lyna: Did not!
    Carissa: Oh, you so did!
    Lyna and Carissa: *giggle nervously and hug each other*
    • Here's a good picture of their forced hug and smile.
    • Later on, when the girls need Lyna and Carissa's help, we see Lyna with a crooked, amused eyebrow and her hand with a magic circle while Carissa is in the air
      Carissa: Seriously, put me down! You heard what Talia said!
      Both Princesses receive alerts from Iris, and Carissa is dropped to the ground.
  • Mephisto's adorkable nature comes out in full in the episode "If You Can't Beat'em" when he and Praxina are looking for someone to help and he tosses some crystals in the air, earning a quarter from someone impressed by his "trick". Praxina's unimpressed expression compared to his excitement is what really sells it.
    Mephisto: "Ooh, Praxina! A human just gave me this shiny metal disc just for tossing some crystals in the air! Amazing!"
    • Praxina and Mephisto work together to summon a dinosaur-like monster in the same episode, and Praxina refers to herself as "mommy" to it, oblivious to the implication. Mephisto's squicked reaction is amusing.
    • This same episode has Praxina get eaten by the crystal monster. Mephisto's reaction to this ranges from adorable, to sad (say what you will about Mephisto, but the guy has killer Puppy-Dog Eyes), to funny:
      Mephisto: "Uh... uh... She's not a pathetic earthling! I mean, at least, she's not an earthling! Give her back!"
    • When Mephisto begs the girls for help, he says he'll give them anything. His dramatic delivery of the following line could not be any more perfect, the finishing accompanied by Dramatic Wind and sparkling:
      Mephisto: Behold...
      (the girls all gasp)
      Mephisto: twenty-five cents!
      (Dramatic Wind dies, sparkles fade, the girls stand very still)
  • "Wicked Red":
    • When Auriana is explained that she will get a lifetime supply of Rose Red Shampoo, she lets out a joyous laugh and runs around, first hugging Iris with a Foot Pop, giving a hug to an unwilling Talia, and running around the room as if she had a sugar rush. Martin Brown looks so confused while Ted looks horrified.
    • The first time we see Mephisto and Praxina in this episode, it's after a LoliRock concert. Mephisto is cheerfully humming one of their songs while playing the Air Guitar. Praxina makes a noise of annoyance and turns around, glaring, making Mephisto try and look like he wasn't doing anything.
    Praxina: "Those men just promised Auriana a lifetime supply of shampoo. All I ever get is a lifetime supply of you."
    Mephisto: (pleased) "How lucky you are!"
    Praxina: (turns her back on him in irritation) "Or cursed. *gasp* Cursed..."
    (behind her, Mephisto goes back to his humming and Air Guitar, which he is still doing the next time they cut to them)
  • Adorkable dork Mephisto appears beside his sister after their shadow-monster munches a guy in "Lost in the Shadows":
    Mephisto: (points at shadow on the ground in alarm) "Scary!"
    Praxina: (dryly) "That's my shadow."
    Mephisto: "Oh. Still pretty scary."
    Praxina: *sigh*
    • In the same episode, Talia and Auriana ue an impersonation spell to fill in as two music stars for a photo shoot. Hilarity Ensues since one is a guy and the other is a girl, leading to this:
      Manager: Where's Sandy?
      Auriana as Sandy: I'm right here!
      Manager: Well, now where's Felix?
      Talia as Felix: Here I am! (covers up her mouth when she realizes she's supposed to BE A GUY)
      Manager: What's wrong with your voice?
      Talia!Felix: (deeper unconvincing voice) Just a little… turtle in my throat.
      Auriana!Sandy: Lizard!
      Manager: You mean… frog?"
      Talia!Felix and Auriana!Sandy: Uh, yeah, that's it. FROG!
      Auriana:Sandy: (quietly) Frog…
  • In "Truth be Told", Mephisto pulls a ...But He Sounds Handsome with Iris, while pretending to be Auriana over the phone. While that in itself is giggle-worthy, the fact that Iris is apparently not even remotely suspicious and goes into the Obvious Trap anyway makes this funnier.

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