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Heartwarming / LoliRock

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It's a cute, cheery Magical Girl anime- of course it's going to have Heartwarming Moments.


  • Virtually every time Mephisto demonstrates how much he cares about his sister, Praxina.

Season One

Season Two

  • After they worked together to save Auriana, Nathaniel, Talia, and Praxina from the Monster of the Week, the following, completely sincere exchange occurs between Iris and Mephisto:
    Iris: "Even though you were a little late to the fight, (she smiles) You did a great job."
    Mephisto: "And you're a lot fiercer than I thought you were." (He smiles)
    (an Oracle Gem appears, both of them make noises of surprise then delight)
    Mephisto: (slumps over in disappointment) "Oh, man, I knew that was gonna happen!"
    Iris: (shields it from him) "You're not going to try and fight me for this, are you?"
    Mephisto: (straightens up and smiles again) "No. You deserve it."
    (Iris gasps in surprise)
    Mephisto: (still smiling) "If I weren't completely dedicated to your annihilation, (he bows) it would be an honour to serve you as Queen of Ephedia."
  • From "Princess Brenda Part II", Nathaniel learns and accepts everything about Iris, no questions really asked.
    • Brenda reuniting with her mother.
  • Crossing with Tear Jerker, in "Forget You!", Praxina, who is aware of what will happen if she regains her memories, puts on the tiara that will give them back just because Mephisto is so distraught at what happened to her. Made all the better because Praxina never shows that she cares about Mephisto.


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