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Nightmare Fuel / Goldfinger

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The film
"You expect me to talk?" "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!"

  • After being thrown into Bonita's bathtub in the opening scene, Capungo tries to grab Bond's PPK, but Bond manages to counter this by tossing a plugged-in lamp in the bathtub, which barbecues him to death.
  • The fate of poor Jill Masterson, killed by Oddjob and left painted in gold for Bond to see. This is what you get for messing with Goldfinger's schemes.
  • Tilly Masterson's death. While Oddjob's hat doesn't decapitate her, it surely looks like it did.
  • The now iconic, often duplicated, often parodied scene in which Bond is strapped to a table and almost cut in half vertically by an industrial laser with seemingly no hope of escape. By the time Bond convinces Goldfinger to stop the laser, it has almost reached his crotch.
  • Goldfinger's plan? Murdering a whole army with a Deadly Gas and blowing Fort Knox up with a nuclear bomb. With no regards for how many lives it will destroy in the process, nor for the economic crisis it will cause.
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  • Having explained his plan to his backers, Goldfinger locks them in a room and has them murdered via posion gas. What makes it more disturbing is that it's reminiscent of the Nazis' methods.
  • Oddjob kills Mr. Solo and leaves his body in the car. The car is then dropped in a junkyard grinder.
  • The atomic bomb is defused mere seconds before Bond is blown to pieces. And Bond isn't the one to defuse it! He can only stare helplessly at the inner workings of the device before a trained agent from out of frame shows up to defuse the bomb.
  • Oddjob's death as well. He is fried to death when Bond applies a live electrical cable to some steel bars as Oddjob is retrieving his metal-lined hat from the bars. "He blew a fuse," indeed.


The novel

  • Tilly detailing how poor Jill slowly suffocated to death in a Miami hospital, after being completely painted gold, with the staff utterly powerless to do anything.
  • The moment when Goldfinger reveals his plan to fatally gas the entire town, as well as the description of the aftermath. Granted, it was fake and a ploy by Leiter, but still!
  • Bond practically trying to pressure his body into dying as the circular saw gets nearer and nearer his groin.
  • Billy Ring, one of the gangsters, has his entire lower lip cut off, leaving him looking like a ventroquilist's dummy. And when he talks, his mouth moves like one. Brrr.