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Nightmare Fuel / Thunderball

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The Film

  • The death of Angelo Palazzi (the Major Derval imposter). He's unable to escape from his seat when the Avro Vulcan is sinking, and then Largo comes in with a large knife...
  • Then there is Palazzi's earlier murder of the real Major Derval, who finds himself face-to-face with his lookalike when he opens the door. He barely has any time to react in horror before Palazzi gases him to death.
  • In the SPECTRE meeting, Blofeld electrocutes Number Nine in his chair for embezzling from their drug-dealing operation in the United States, but only after grilling his totally innocent accomplice, Number Eleven. Largo only briefly looks up from his papers and shrugs at the sight of seeing one of his fellow SPECTRE boardmembers get killed, but the others can only look in sheer horror as Number Nine is brutally zapped. Presumably, Largo has been used to seeing such things, as he himself does it on a regular basis. The henchman getting zapped also sends a clear message to the rest of Blofeld's council: betray him and you face deadly consequences.
  • The fate of a mook that Emilio Largo feeds to his sharks, you get an image from beneath the surface that turns red.
  • When Bond falls in the pool with one of Largo's mooks, instead of helping him, Largo has the pool closed and releasing the sharks on them both. Bond escapes by stabbing the mook with a knife, leaving him for the sharks.
  • The underwater fight. Many frogmen of both sides are killed either by having their breathing equipment destroyed, causing them to drown, or by being shot with harpoons and left writhe in pain as they die.
  • Largo torturing Domino once he finds out she helps Bond.
  • Bond is trapped on the rowing machine by Count Lippe who sets it to its fastest (And most fatal) setting, and all Bond can do is scream for help. Had it not been for the nurse's timely intervention, he almost certainly would've been killed.
    • It bears noting for emphasis, Bond is openly terrified and screaming in utter terror, no doubt from recognizing just how screwed he is. Something that rarely ever happens again throughout the rest of the film series for our normally icy composed agent...

The Novel

  • Giuseppe Petacchi casually setting off poison gas before hijacking the plane and calmly watching his friend and the other pilots die in agony, who all aren't wearing oxygen masks.
    • Largo's henchmen kill Petacchi without warning by slamming a knife through his jaw and into his brain.
  • Bond finding the wrecked plane is like something out of a Lovecraftian nightmare. Red warning lights flashing endlessly, Petacchi's corpse and his horrible knife wound, the other pilots' corpses impaled with bits of glass and steel...and hundreds of octopi infesting the plane, in every crack and crevice, even floating along the ceiling. Once he finds what he needs, Bond gets out of there instantly.
  • Largo's torture of Domino involves ripping her clothes off while she's tied to a bed, then burning her with a cigar and chilling her with ice cubes everywhere. By the time she rescues Bond, she's badly burned and covered in blood.
  • Infuriated that a hostage they took in was raped by one of his henchmen, Blofeld has the deviant mook electrocuted in his chair during the SPECTRE board meeting. Since SPECTRE had promised to return the rape victim "unharmed," Blofeld returns a portion of the ransom money to her family as compensation for the errant henchman's devious behavior, and stated to his other henchmen that while they may be criminals, they still have to hold to a higher standard of conduct. This shows that despite being the ruthless madman that he is, even Blofeld has moral boundaries he would not want to sink towards.
  • Hell, the fact that the entire plot revolves around an Empty Quiver (read: stolen nuke) scenario. If reality is truly Freakier Than Fiction, then the world probably would sleep a lot easier not knowing of the existence of an nuclear weapon theft.