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The golden pistol used by Goldfinger...
...was made by the same manufacturer who made the golden gun.
  • Goldfinger's revolver was a Colt Police Positive plated in gold, while Scaramanga's pistol was most likely made Lazarus, the gunsmith who makes his ammunition.

The US goes to war with China
China just facilitated an attack on Fort Knox by predominantly Chinese soldiers and an attempt to detonate a dirty bomb on US soil. There's no way this would go unnoticed.

Supporting this is the fact that, despite Bond's globe-trotting nature, he never visits mainland China. Sure, he visits Hong Kong, but as a British colony it would likely be untouched by a war between the US and China.

  • Problem is that a war between the US and China would've decimated both countries - China detonated its first nuclear bomb the same year Goldfinger was set, yet when we see Tomorrow Never Dies, China doesn't have any hostilities with the U.S.

Pussy Galore's not a lesbian
She just says she is so Goldfinger doesn't try it on with her and so she doesn't end up covered in gold paint when she rebuffs him. Explains why she doesn't really put up too much of a fight against Bond in the hayloft, too.
  • That, or she's actually bisexual, but prefers women more.