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Fridge Brilliance

  • In the novel, Goldfinger describes Koreans as "the cruellest people in the world". Bear in mind that the book was written in 1958 and the Korean War was still fresh in people's minds.
  • Bond dispatches Oddjob the same way he kills the villain in the Action Prologue. As the villain goes to retrieve a weapon, Bond improvises and electrocutes them just in time.
  • In the novel, Goldfinger actually robs Fort Knox, using the Cement Mixer gang to haul away the gold. In the film Bond points out that the gold is much to heavy to simply move and Goldfinger says he took 15 years to plan Operation Grand Slam. Goldfinger realized that the gold is too heavy to move so he took the time to secure a 'dirty nuke' for a If I Can't Have You… operation. Blow up and ruin the gold in the vaults to increase the value of his own holdings

Fridge Logic:

  • So why did Oddjob crush the Lincoln Continental? Mr. Solo was already dead. He could have just driven it back.
    • Goldfinger didn't want to let that wonderful pun go to waste.
    • This is explained if you listen to Goldfinger's next line. He says something to the effect of separating his gold from Mister Solo. Considering the fact that he personally owns multiple smelting facilities, he was likely going to melt the car down, separate out the gold and other metals, and thus totally get rid of all evidence.
    • More Fridge Brilliance: the car had Bond's homing device in it. So, whoever was tracking it would make a tragic discovery.
      • There were two homing devices: the larger one that Bond put into Goldfinger's European car to track him in Switzerland, and the smaller one that fits in his shoe (which he slipped into Solo's pocket). Goldfinger likely didn't know about the homing device (except maybe the larger one once they started to dismantle his car), and it's unlikely he was trying to prevent Bond from getting a message out because he didn't know Bond had escaped until they had gotten to the car; Goldfinger had likely already planned to killed whichever mob boss that tried to leave. Also, the homing device, which was being tracked by Felix, stopped immediately once the car was crushed.
  • In his review, Roger Ebert famously pointed out that the scene where Goldfinger explains his plot to the Mafia heads and then kills them has no purpose, since he's just going to kill them all anyway, he has no idea Bond's listening in and it's not even his real plan. He concludes that Goldfinger simply spent a huge amount of money on making the models and films for it and just wanted to show it off to someone.
    • This is a contingency plan made clearer by the fact that all the criminals clearly don't like being together, but together provided all the materials for the supposed heist. Goldfinger expected his lair to be found eventually, and he essentially framed the missing gangster as the mastermind by hiding the body and killing the others. Remember, Goldfinger had a plan to escape — had Bond not survived, Goldfinger would have covered his tracks so well that MI-6 would have been right back at square one.