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Nightmare Fuel / Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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All the Kings of Evil are decking their castles out with giant rotting corpses nowadays.
What is a game? A miserable little pile of horrors!
  • The Game Over screen. Whether it is the imagery or the music, either one of those things are more than likely to catch gamers off-guard when combined.
  • After descending far underground to the deepest part of the castle, you encounter Granfalloon/Legion in the catacombs. It is a Cosmic Horror creature covered in a "shell" of naked, faceless corpses, and they're screaming.
  • Beelzebub (As Provided as the Page image) is a truly giant, green, rotting corpse with various equally sickening organs showing. It's also grimacing and got long, stringy white hair. It's suspended by chains and meat hooks. And covered with maggots and giant flies, which it sends to attack you. They have a way of appearing "close to the screen" when they zoom into the room as well. To top it all off, the arms and legs of the corpse fall off after they have been damaged enough.
  • The demise of the succubus can be creepy, especially in Japanese. Alucard is terrifyingly calm as he explains what happens when your astral body dies in a dream, and the succubus starts frantically trying to dissuade him. The screen blacks out, and her scream cuts off. This is the only death in the series you do not see. That makes it so much worse. Even the Narmy dub can be freaky, as her death cry bounces between pain and orgasm.
    • She had no idea who Alucard was at first, either. No one sent her after you, and she masquerades as his mother. Given Dracula's attitude toward his wife - and his lack of ability to keep his temper in check - how well do you think he might take some half-dressed harlot of a demoness pretending to be her? Consider his historical namesake's penchant for people on sticks, combine it with his hellbound powers, and then wish they made Clorox for the mind's eye. That may explain why Dracula summons her during the Final Boss battle, only to immediately crush her between his massive claws and drink the blood to heal his own wounds.
    • On the other hand, consider the situation from Alucard's viewpoint and think about what it means to be attacked by a Succubus. By a succubus that's impersonating your mother. If you think winning that fight is nightmare-inducing, losing it is worse. The Japanese version even has an alternate game-over voice clip of the Succubus saying something to the effect of: "Let us two wander the eternal darkness together," then giving a lascivious chuckle. The dummied-out English version had her say "Now you'll be my permanent slave!"
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    • The method of finding her is rather eerie, to say the least. You make your way to a relatively empty section of the castle and find a Save Point, but instead of pulsing with the usual red and gold colors, it's inverted in color. There's a legit save point in another room on the other side of the hallway, so you know that something is up with this particular not-savepoint; attempting to use it results in the succubus dream sequence.
    • In the final battle with Dracula, the big man summons her back from her demise and instantly crushes her, presumably to restore himself, and as punishment for daring to take Lisa's visage.
  • Shaft. He gets into Richter's brain, which can be horrifically paranoia-inducing - if such a righteous hero as Richter couldn't resist his powers, what chance do your companions - or you - have?
  • Some of SotN's songs themselves are terrifying to listen to. Door of Holy Spirits, the background music to the Reverse Colosseum, sounds like something you'd hear in a horror movie. Abandoned Pit has the potential to drive you insane if you're listening to it in real catacombs, and to worsen matters, it's played not only in the normal Abandoned Pit, but also the Cave (the Reverse Pit). And should you go through that area, beyond the boss battle with Death, into the Floating Catacombs, you're greeted with Curse Zone, which starts to get more chaotic and freakish at the 0:41 mark. There's also Enchanted Banquet (which plays during the fight with the succubus) which has a droning One-Woman Wail Last Note Nightmare and Door to the Abyss (which plays in the centre of the castle).
  • There was a planned alternate ending where Maria intervened during the Richter fight and saved Richter herself, but would have subsequently become possessed or transformed by Shaft. She'd fight Alucard to the death and make the castle collapse if you won, killing herself and Richter.


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