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Quotes / Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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Richter Belmont: It's over! This world was not meant for the likes of you!
Dracula: My own powers did not bring about my own resurrection. It was greed, the greed of you men which summoned me back. And is justice not decided by might alone?
Richter: Only you would make such a selfish claim! Humanity is guided by their shared convictions. They seek only each other, coming together, and moving forward.
Dracula: Oh, but the truth is that humanity also bears burgeoning desires within them, which leads them to submit to their religious creeds, yes?
Richter: Mere power is not what leads mankind. Respect and a merciful heart: these are what truly guide humanity!
Dracula: Preposterous. Which one of our claims is true? I shall give you the answer, along with death's embrace!
Fan translation of the original Japanese intro

Count Dracula: Belmont, son of Belmont, I've been waiting for you. note 
Richter Belmont: Dracula, die now and leave this world! You'll never belong here!
Dracula: Oh... but this world invited me. Your own kind called me forth with praise and tribute.
Richter: Tribute?! You're a thief! You steal men's souls, their freedom!
Dracula: Freedom is always sacrificed to faith, good hunter. Or are you truly here by choice?
Richter: All I'm here for is you. To Hell with your heresy! You're nothing but a blight on mankind!
Dracula: Ha! Mankind. A cesspit of hatred and lies. Fight for them, then, and die for their sins!
The Dracula X Chronicles version intro

Count Dracula: Once again, the blood of Belmont has defeated me... Perhaps this too is part of my fate.
Richter Belmont: Death to you! The world is not yours to exist in!
Dracula: It is not by my own power that I am resurrected. It is the greed of humanity which calls me back. And thus, by might, I rule! Might becomes the one and only justice in this world!
Richter: Of all the self-serving claptrap! The same basic faith drives all people to seek, to come together, to move forward! That, surely, can't be an evil thing!
Dracula: And yet, here I am. Do you not have any desires?
Richter: Well...
Dracula: It is by your desires that you humans prosper, and it is your faith that has ruled you! Considering that, can you really call me evil?
Richter: But people cannot be ruled by power alone! The sacred, the honorable, the loved. Those things can rule humanity. Something evil will eventually fall to ruin!
Dracula: I see! Perhaps you're right. Hahahahahahaha! We shall meet again, blood of Belmont! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
The ending of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

Count Dracula: Impossible. You've beaten me?
Richter Belmont: I'm a Belmont. That's my job.
Dracula: H-humanity will call me back again. It always does. Its desire is insatiable...
Richter: You're right. We never learn. But we'll have to someday. And in the meantime, if you do come back, someone like me will be waiting.
Dracula: Amusing. We shall meet again, blood of Belmont.

Maria Renard: It's strange... this castle is different than I remember it.
Alucard: This castle is a creature of Chaos. It may take many incarnations.
Alucard and Maria discussing Castlevania's Chaos Architecture

Alucard: Demon! Death is too good for you!
Alucard's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner, just before fighting the Succubus

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