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Nightmare Fuel / Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

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  • In the pilot movie, the Pizza Planet Aliens are revealed to be united under a single Unimind. Zurg manages to steal it, corrupt it, and use it to spread his influence throughout the galaxy. This is done by giving the creatures affected his voice, his red eyes, and his personality. The sight of Star Command under the influence of Zurg is quite terrifying.
  • The pilot movie "The Adventure Begins" showed Zurg's plan go into effect: Turning Star Command and the LGM evil using a Hive Mind. The reveal is chilling, especially with the red eyes reveal.
  • Bloodless as it may be, Ty Parsec's torturous transformation into the Wirewolf is pretty gruesome for a show that is normally so G-rated that it's promoted with children's bedsheets.
    • The gruesome dismemberment of Senty-Bot 2. The showrunners wouldn't have gotten away with showing a humanoid character suffering the same fate...
    • In a later episode, NOS-4-A2 has Ty forcibly turned into Wirewolf for an extended period of time by putting a piece of the only moon capable of invoking the transformation (which had previously thought to have been destroyed). The poor guy is seriously freaked out when he realizes that he's about to be turned into Wirewolf again.
    • During "Revenge of the Monsters", Ty's obviously in a great deal of pain every time NOS-4-A2 uses his super weapon. Unfortunately NOS-4-A2 simply doesn't care.
  • NOS-4-A2's lair, with the many deactivated robots lying around. Just imagine how gruesome it would be if they were the bodies of people instead of robots...
  • The bit in "The Slayer" where NOS-4-A2 describes what he's going to do to XR as revenge for defeating him. The description is brutal enough, but Craig Ferguson's delivery makes it all the more chilling.
    NOS-4-A2: Now I shall have my revenge. I'm going to drain your energy slowly, so that you feel every amp as it leaves your body. Then, when you're nearly offline, I will recharge you, and do it all over again! (Evil Laugh)
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  • Any time that Zurg actually ACTS evil is a chilling reminder that beneath the goofy exterior he was a Galactic Conqueror. Especially when he gleefully tries enslave a planet's populace or kill countless innocents by having them crushed inside a black hole.
  • The Gargantuan terrorists led by Varg, are capable of creating duplicates of just about anyone, which are completely accurate to the point one can't tell the difference between the duplicate and the original by appearance alone.
  • Leaning on Adult Fear, you and your spouse are attacked by an energy vampire, in full view of your adopted daughter.
  • Bordering on Fridge Horror: Out of the Brain pods, one is mentioned as having volunteered to be made one, with the promise of benefits he apparently didn't receive...What are the odds of an evil emperor only accepting volunteers?
  • Mira's Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique on an informant: she phases her hand into his head and puts her hand on his brain, threatening to pull it out or otherwise mess it up.
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  • The Carebots in "Speed Trap." They pop out of nowhere, clean something, say their repetitive "Carebot is Online" and then disappear. And then when they turn out to be driven to freeze organic lifeforms because they consider them to be part of the mess. Even worse is they did so to their creators and trapped and stranded Buzz and his crew on a ship speeding right towards the Sun.

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