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The episode list for Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, a spinoff and defictionalized Show Within a Show of Toy Story depicting Buzz Lightyear as a real space ranger battling Evil Emperor Zurg with the help of his team: the beautiful Tangean princess Mira Nova, a big lovable lug named Booster, and a fast-talking robot named XR.


  1. The Adventure Begins Part 1: During a mission to rescue some little Green Men from Zurg, Buzz loses his partner Warp Darkmatter and as a result, vows to work alone from now on. However, Star Command leader Commander Nebula wants to assign Buzz a new partner in Mira Nova while Zurg has a new second-in-command named Agent Z.
  2. The Adventure Begins Part 2: The LGMs construct a robot space ranger named XR to assist Buzz when Zurg launches an assault against the LGM homeworld to capture their Unimind. However, Buzz fails to thwart Zurg, so Star Command prepares to launch a full-on assault on Planet Z, the heart of Zurg's empire.
  3. The Adventure Begins Part 3: Zurg corrupts the Unimind with his evil and uses it to mind control entire planets and all of Star Command, save Buzz, Mira, XR, and a janitor named Booster. Now, only Buzz and this rookie team of rangers can save the universe from Zurg, and Buzz learns what really happened to Warp Darkmatter.
  4. The Torque Armada: Zurg busts an alien criminal named Torque (recently arrested by Buzz and his crew) from a prison transport and outfits him with technology that lets him create duplicates of himself, which Torque uses to exact revenge against Team Lightyear.
  5. Gravitina: Star Command finds itself under a mysterious assault from a swarm of asteroids being guided by a mysterious force. As Mira and Booster try to protect Star Command from getting crushed, Buzz and XR track the source of the attack to Gravitina, a big-headed femme fatale with power over gravity.
  6. XL: A series of robberies targeting Star Command's newest technological developments turns out to be the work of XL, a prototype to XR who seeks to make himself the most advanced machine in the universe and to get revenge on Commander Nebula for shutting him down years ago.
  7. Little Secrets: Buzz is informed in secret that one of Zurg's spies has infiltrated Star Command and planted a bomb, but his attempts to organize a search are obstructed by XR secretly giving tour of the base to some children and Booster secretly raising a giant alien plant in the base.
  8. Inside Job: Team Lightyear teams up with a new ranger named Flash Flemming to protect the diminutive ambassador of the planet Gargantia from a group of Gargantian terrorists intent on assassinating the ambassador to stop Gargantia from joining the Galactic Alliance.
  9. NOS-4-A2: Team Lightyear retrieves a mysterious coffin-shaped box from a cargo freighter under attack by Warp Darkmatter. Unbeknownst to them however, the container carries a robotic energy vampire named NOS-4-A2 constructed by Zurg to sabotage Star Command with his machine-controlling vampirism.
  10. The Planet Destroyer: Zurg's newest weapon generates mysterious beams of energy that cause entire planets to vanish in thin air. Terrified by its destructive power, the Galactic Alliance chooses to surrender to Zurg, so Team Lightyear must locate the weapon and figure out how to stop it.
  11. The Beasts of Karn: Team Lightyear goes to the deadly jungle planet of Karn to help a scientist named Dr. Ozma Furbanna who is studying the local wildlife. However, Booster is mistaken for an animal and captured by an unscrupulous tradesman named Rentwhistle Swack to be sold to poachers.
  12. Tag Team: After a strange incident causes both of them to fall unconscious without warning, Buzz and Warp Darkmatter discover mysterious implants in their necks that have been there since their days at the academy. Thus, the two team up to investigate who planted them and why.
  13. The Main Event: Buzz and XR are drawn to a barren planet after receiving reports of a spaceship crash, only to instead find themselves battling Torque and Zurg. Unbeknownst to all the combatants, this is all part of a moneymaking scheme from Rentwhistle Swack and an amoral technology mogul named Norbert Klerm.
  14. The Return of XL: XL kidnaps XR and steals the one piece of technology XR has that he doesn't - his AFD. Taking the theft as a blow to his uniqueness, a depressed XR leaves Star Command to the seedy market planet Tradeworld in a desperate search for a new AFD.
  15. Strange Invasion: During a flying saucer rescue, Team Lightyear crashes on the primitive, uncontacted world of Roswell, where the inhabitants capture Buzz, Mira, and XR and take them and the saucer to their airbase for examination while Booster is separated from the team and ends up befriending a little girl.
  16. The Taking of PC-7: A simple mission for Booster and XR to escort Torque to the prison planetoid of PC-7 quickly goes awry when Torque escapes and causes a lockdown that traps them, the warden, and the president of the Galactic Alliance inside with the prison's paranoid security system.
  17. Mindwarp: Mira, Booster, and XR battle a strange new robotic soldier that fights suspiciously like a space ranger. When the three rookies discover it was built by Norbert Klerm, they head to his company to investigate and discover Buzz is now working there and believes he is a cubicle drone name Flip Flashtoner.
  18. Mira's Wedding: Mira's career in Star Command is in danger of ending when her father King Nova and the Tangean chancellor Lord Angstrom arrange to have her marry an aristocrat named Fop Doppler. However, little does anyone know that the wedding is actually part of a plot to overthrow Mira's father.
  19. Panic on Bathyos: Team Lightyear travels to the ocean planet of Bathyos, where the fusion crystal mining operations conducted by Star Command are being threatened by a group of Bathyosian terrorists who want to have all air-breathing beings expelled from the planet.
  20. Shiv Katall: When one of Zurg's minions defects, the Evil Emperor calls in the dreaded bounty hunter Shiv Katall, prompting Commander Nebula assigns Buzz on a solo mission after Katall. Mira, however, doesn't like being left out of the mission, so she brings XR and Booster to find Katall without Buzz's knowledge.
  21. Stress Test: Concerned that his paranoia about Zurg's evil schemes is giving him too much stress, Team Lightyear forces Buzz to go on vacation to a spa on the peaceful planet of Rhizome. However, Buzz becomes suspicious that Zurg is on Rhizome and really is up to something.
  22. A Zoo Out There: Team Lightyear investigates the abduction of Galactic Alliance senators, which turns out to be the work of a trio of highly advanced alien scientists who are capturing rare alien species from across the universe as specimens for their zoo.
  23. Root of Evil: Team Lightyear is looking into a series of incidents in which vegetables are mutated by a strange goo into monsters to attack people, and the clues lead them to Booster's rustic homeworld of Jo-Ad, where the team is introduced to his farmer parents and his old buddy Buster.
  24. Super Nova: During a battle with Zurg's forces, Mira uses her ghosting powers to walk through a Crystallic Fusion Generator and comes out with her Tangean powers vastly enhanced. However, her newfound superpowered abilities start to get through her head.
  25. Downloaded: When Warp Darkmatter attempts to destroy the Galactic Alliance's mainframe supercomputer, XR saves the day by downloading every last bit of data into himself. But now that he possesses all of the Galactic Alliance's information in his head, every villain in the galaxy will be coming for him.
  26. The Plasma Monster: Team Lightyear is assigned to discipline Petra, the rebellious daughter of a Galactic Alliance senator. However, their training is interrupted by a hostile alien creature composed entirely of plasma who turns out to be Petra's delinquent boyfriend.
  27. The Crawling Flesh: Zurg captures Mira and Buzz, melting their bodies and merging together into a single blobby monstrosity. Now unable to communicate with anyone but each other, the fused and mutated Buzz and Mira find themselves being attacked by their former allies.
  28. Dirty Work: Team Lightyear's favourite diner, Cosmo's, orders a Kitchen Flux 5000 Uni-Appliance that multi-tasks all of the kitchen's jobs But when NOS-4-A2 bites it, the appliance seizes control of the entire diner, and Team Lightyear's only way to fight back lies in Rhizomian plant-based technology.
  29. The Slayer: When word gets out that NOS-4-A2 is hiding out on Tradeworld and terrorizing its inhabitants, Buzz and XR head out to stop him. However, their battle is complicated by the participation of Savy SL2, a street-smart young girl whose adopted robot parents were victims of NOS-4-A2.
  30. The Lightyear Factor: Zurg's latest weapon creates a rip in reality that leads to an alternate universe ruled by an evil Buzz Lightyear. Sensing an opportunity, Zurg forges an alliance with Evil Buzz and invites him to come over to his universe and destroy the original Buzz.
  31. Clone Rangers: Zurg manages to retrieve some DNA samples of Team Lightyear and uses them to create evil clones of Buzz, Mira, and Booster. However, Zurg's impatience with the process results in him ending up with evil kid versions of the team who want their own XR.
  32. Bunzel Fever: Team Lightyear pursues Torque, who has been committing a spree of robberies to collect weapons for XL to modify himself with. However, things are complicated by Booster coming down with a condition called Bunzel Fever that causes him to go feral.
  33. Devolutionaries: Team Lightyear goes to the planet Binipinardia, where Warp Darkmatter has been sighted recently. There, they discover that all the planet's inhabitants have had their evolution reversed by a new chemical weapon developed by Zurg's empire.
  34. Head Case: When XR appears to be suffering from mental fatigue, Star Command sends him on vacation to Mahamba 6. However, XR is kidnapped on his trip by XL, who switches their heads around in order to infiltrate Star Command and plant a bomb.
  35. The Yukari Imprint: Team Lightyear has to escort the Bathyosian senator to peace talks with the warlike Raenoks. However, the Raenoks are secretly working with a criminal named Crumford Lorak to sabotage the talks. Meanwhile, Booster buys a capsule called a Yukari Pod that creates numerous tiny, mischievous duplicates of himself.
  36. The Shape Stealer: Zurg's newest creation is a cloak-shaped artificial lifeform called a Shape Stealer that is able to control others by wrapping itself around them and taking over their bodies. Naturally, the entity's purpose is none other than to destroy Buzz Lightyear.
  37. Star Crossed: Team Lightyear's escort mission for the latest defector from Zurg's empire goes awry when Zurg's new bounty hunter succeeds in capturing the defector due to his abilities cancelling out Mira's Tangean powers. And as it turns out the new bad guy is Mira's old flame Romac!
  38. Haunted Moon: Team Lightyear answer a distress call from a crew that had been assigned to redirect a comet about to collide with the planet Verdentia. The problem is the comet redirection crew is being sabotaged by weird and eerie phenomena that they believe to be the work of a ghost.
  39. Stranger Invasion: In this sequel to "Strange Invasion", Zurg invades Roswell and enslaves its inhabitants in order to use the isolated world as a staging point for a massive assault against the Galactic Alliance. Now, only Buzz and Booster can save the day.
  40. Eye of the Tempest: Buzz encounters Spyro Lepton, an ex-Star Command scientist with a grudge against Buzz for shutting down his project to transform space rangers into crystalline super-soldiers called Cryborgs. However, Spyro's mad quest for revenge is complicated by his beautiful daughter Bonnie having feelings for Buzz.
  41. Wirewolf: Team Lightyear goes to the planet Canis Lunis to help Buzz's old academy classmate Ty Parsec fight NOS-4-A2, who's been attacking a power plant harnessing the radiation of the planet's moon. But when NOS-4-A2 bites Ty, the wound causes Ty to transform into a robotic wolf monster whenever he's exposed to the moon radiation.
  42. Lone Wolf: Buzz tells his team a story from his rookie years of when he lost faith in the system and quit Star Command after a criminal he caught was acquitted by the court, only to have a change of heart after visiting the frontier planet Arcadia where local gas harvesters are being threatened by an industrialist named Vartkes.
  43. Planet of the Lost:
  44. Revenge of the Raenoks:
  45. Enemy Without a Face:
  46. The Starthought:
  47. Millennial Bugs:
  48. Conspiracy:
  49. At Large on a Small Planet:
  50. Sunquake:
  51. Good Ol' Buzz:
  52. First Missions:
  53. Large Target:
  54. War and Peace and War:
  55. Lost in Time:
  56. Revenge of the Monsters:
  57. Rookie of the Year:
  58. Rescue Mission:
  59. Star Smasher:
  60. Return to Karn:
  61. Speed Trap:
  62. Holiday Time:
  63. Opposites Attract:
  64. Ancient Evil:
  65. 42:

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