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Drinking Game / Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

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  • Any time XR gets blasted into pieces.
  • Whenever Buzz shouts his Catch-Phrase, "To Infinity, and Beyond!".
    • Make it double if it wasn't Buzz who it, especially Torque and/or his clones.
  • Whenever Zurg yells, "CURSE YOU BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!"
  • Take a shot any time someone says "Craters".
  • Take another shot any time someone exclaims "Sweet Mother of Venus!".
  • Whenever Mira ghosts (Except in "Super Nova").
  • Whenever Booster mentions anything "Bunzel" related.

For the Advanced/Suicidal Drinker:

  • Take a shot any time the show spits in the eye of physics.

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