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Nightmare Fuel / Bone

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The grim reaper has some competition.

Huge mountain lions, locust swarms, and ominous hooded figures. This ought to be fun.

  • Briar, aka The Hooded One, is pretty freaky-looking when she's revealed. Think the Wicked Queen's hag disguise and you're on the right track.
    • Not to mention the fact that since she was originally killed by being chopped in half, locusts have to hold her together.
  • Tarsil is also pretty horrifying in appearance when he reveals his face.
    • When The Hooded One and Tarsil face off, she casts an illusion of his old, handsome face. The real Tarsil's face is so mangled that his look of shock is barely discernable even as she rushes him and cuts him in half at the waist before he can react.
  • Kingdok and the other Rat Creatures have pretty nasty moments given their featureless eyes and rows of teeth. Even the two Stupid Rat Creatures get a few creepy moments before their bickering sets off.
  • The ghost circles. Invisible, ill-defined zones of corruption created by the Hooded One. There is no way to tell them apart from the general devastation of the war, and with one touch, anything living simply vanishes, with a little puff of smoke and a hiss. They only becoming slightly less unnerving when the reader finally sees the inside of one, revealing an area seemingly left pristine... but haunted with the ghosts of those trapped in them when they first fell down.
  • The time Briar appears in Thorn's dreams, wearing the face of Granma Ben is really freaky. So is when Fone Bone has a dream of being in Moby Dick, with Phoney as Ahab, and the dragon eats him.
    "Now what did he have to go and do that for?"
  • "Eye of the Storm" has such moments, but the one that tops them off is the intense expression in Gran'ma's eyes when it's revealed she's listening in on Thorn and Fone Bone's conversation. It's notably the first time we see her eyes, and she's never looked so angry before.
  • The entirety of Book 7, "Ghost Circles. It's a sudden departure from the lively, lush Valley the readers have known since "Out from Boneville", instead replaced with this barren, lifeless plane of ash.

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