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Nightmare Fuel / Beasts of Burden

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  • Many examples, but first and foremost are the ghost puppies in "Lost". Doesn't sound scary? Oh, you have no idea how wrong you are...
  • The true form of the ghostly sheep from "The View from the Hill". They died in a barn fire, and... well, there's a reason Jack fainted when he got a good look at them.
  • In "A Dog and His Boy", when they catch the boy tearing apart rabbits with a wild, savage look in his eyes.
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  • "The Presence of Others" ends with a image of Burden Hill as seen in Sabina's nightmare. It looks like a demon apocalypse — a figure rising in the background, the ground covered in blood and skeletons, and Ace and Jack lying on the ground, their flesh flayed away to reveal the bone and muscle underneath. It ends with a close-up on Jack's face as he stares forward helplessly.


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