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Fridge Brilliance

  • In regards to "Tall Tales", there's indeed clues that Big Johnson Bone is Fone Bone, Phoney and Smiley's ancestor. He's a generally heroic person who's had a crush on a girl (like Fone Bone with Thorn), is silly and overly optimistic (like Smiley), and is prone to ambition and questionable morality (like Phoney).
  • Regarding the final book, of course Phoney would be paranoid about a single snowflake heralding imminent winter: last year, he probably saw a single snow flake right before the ridiculously large snowfall hit, recognizing winter's sign.
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  • If you want to imagine it's canon, "Rose" has a poignant but telling Call-Forward on why she doesn't want to keep pets (from "Out from Boneville"). She had two pets hounds once, but after killing one of them to spare Briar, it must've been too heartbreaking for Rose to get a new pet, much less a new dog.
  • How can Ted see Ghost Circles? Well, the Locust has the ability to see Ghost Circles too (just ask Thorn). Locusts are insects. So one can assume that Ted and most bugs can sense Ghost Circles naturally.
  • At one point, there seems to be Fridge Logic concerning why the crown was passed over Briar (the older sister). However, it becomes brilliant when one remembers her affair with Lucius. Not only would it be scandalous for an unmarried (and un-engaged) princess to have an affair with someone outside of royalty, but with the captain of the guards no less. Given the Veni-Yan warriors knew of this before-hand, news could've spread, leading to Rose becoming queen instead.
    • Fridge Awesome: It also counts as karma for using Lucius to spite Rose. Her cruelty cost her the crown.
  • Fone Bone using static to touch the Crown of Horns and restore balance is brilliant once one bears in mind that the core of electrical science is balancing the positive and the negative charges. Static happens because there's an inbalance between electrons.
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  • In "Tall Tales", Todd has a dream about one of Big Johnson Bone's adventures. The brilliance is, it's a nice Call-Back to what Gran'ma Ben said in book 4 about the Dreaming (that another word for it is "the Old Times") and what the little orphan beaver said in book 5 (that the Dreaming is everywhere, even if it's only stronger in some places than others).
  • In Rock Jaw, after the baby animals, 2 Stupid Rat Creatures, Fone and Smiley Bone get attacked by the locust swarm the second time, the baby animals and two Rat Creatures explain to the Bones about "hum-hum", or dreaming. The baby beaver mentions a rumor about the Old Temple being built on a ghost circle and the 2 rat creatures said that ghost circles are where the locusts come from. When the group escapes Rock Jaw using the entrance from the Old Temple, there's a locust watching them. Shortly after, Kingdok pops up out of nowhere and you can see some locusts swarming around him. Then the group escapes using a narrow ledge, the locusts come after, Fone falls off, and the locusts swarm around him to pick him up. When Smiley tries to rescue him, Kingdok appears from the opposite direction to stop him. When the dragon medallion falls from Fone's backpack, the locusts and Kingdok disappear again. At the end of the book, Kingdok and some rat creature show up and there are no locusts in sight.
    • In addition to this, the not-real Kingdok tells the group on the ledge that if they tell him where "the one who bears the star" (Phoney Bone) is, they'll spare Thorn once order in the Valley is restored. Later, when the Rat Creatures explain to the Bones about the Hooded One, one of the rat creatures says "he" wanted to return things to the old ways before there were any Valley people, "when there was order in the world".
    • A small foreshadowing that the Locust Kingdok isn't the real one is that he corresponds with the Stupid, Stupid Rat Creatures' fear (that Kingdok will deem them "traitors" and "deserters").

Fridge Horror

  • In Treasure Hunters, Briar attempts to get Thorn by making a ghost circle right in front of Thorn IN Atheia. How was Briar able to do that with the ghost circles surrounding the city? With the piece of the Locust within Thorn.
  • Let's hope that Rock Jaw won't be too much trouble for the orphans now that he knows their secret tunnel leads to an escape route through the old Rat Creature Temple.

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