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  • Fone Bone and Thorn hugging each other, especially while they were in prison and at the end of the series.
  • Fone Bone accidentally blurting out his feelings to Thorn when he's rescuing her from the Hooded One.
    • Thorn playfully teasing him about it during the escape is actually kinda sweet, too.
    Thorn: "Messin' with your girl", huh?
    Fone Bone: (embarrassed) Oh jeez...
  • "Dear Thorn, I know that I am short, bald and have a big nose, but I like you a lot! Signed, a secret admirer xxxooo."
  • Fone Bone's relationship with and loyalty to Thorn in general. No matter what's going on, he's nearly always there to support and help her out however he can as a confidante, as well as defend her from danger (with varying success). When they aren't together, Fone Bone's either giving her space/needed time alone, or stopping at nothing to eventually reunite with her when they've been separated excluding the end of the series. This especially stands out when he insists on accompanying Thorn into dangerous situations where he's not as apt to defend himself, yet still puts up a fight for her and others. Not to mention countless times where he's argued with her and won to talk her out of doing something reckless, or if not, follow her to have her back and be sure she makes it out. "Crown of Horns" has this in spades, where Fone Bone not only follows Thorn to the Tanen Gard, despite initially trying to talk her out of it because of uncertain repercussions, but after destroying the Locust from touching the Crown of Horns, he refuses to leave a severely injured Thorn behind as the area starts flooding and all the dragons have awakened and are out for blood for their trespassing. If all that doesn't prove Fone Bone genuinely cares for Thorn, plantonically or romantically otherwise, I don't know what will.
  • Bartleby's first appearance. Heck, most of the scenes involving Bartleby, especially when he's with Smiley.
    • Of particular note is Smiley's expression when he, Phoney, and Gran'ma Ben are backed up against a wall by a herd of Rat Creatures, with no hope of escape, and one of them sits up on his hind legs (exposing his uncropped ears) and tilts his head in recognition.
    • From Treasure Hunters:
    Smiley: You know Bartleby, I never had a pal like you before.
    Bartleby: Me either!
    • He and Fone Bone have a few moments too, especially in "Crown of Horns" where Bartleby helps Fone to catch up with and help Thorn.
  • In Book 7, Thorn shows Bartleby kindness and thanks him for saving them from Briar. This goes a long way from their very first interaction, where she threatened to kill the innocent rat creature cub out of a grudge she had towards rat creatures. This indicates that not only does she recognize Bartleby is different from his kind, but she's also made peace with her parents' deaths.
  • Fone Bone making a quiche and giving it to the rat creatures in celebration of the Winter Solstice. "Peace on Earth, fellas!"
  • Anything Phoney did early on that showed that he really did care about Fone Bone and Smiley.
    • The Hooded One making an open threat to his face about killing Fone Bone.
    Phoney: (angrily) Whoa! Wait a minute, pal! YOU LEAVE FONE BONE ALONE!
    • In Book 4, when Smiley hears Fone Bone shouting for help in the woods and rushes outside, Phoney immediately leaps over the bar counter and follows suit.
    • When Euclid made the accusation that Fone and Smiley where possibly responsible for Lucius' presumed death in "Old Man's Cave"
    Phoney: You can blame me all you want, pal, but you watch your mouth when your talking about my cousins!
    • Rushing to Smiley's aid when he collapses from hunger in "Ghost Circles".
    • He also shows this later near the end, when Gran'ma Ben offers him a chance to go home via a shortcut tunnel. Phoney's response?
    Phoney: I'm sorry, I... I can't leave without my cousins.
    • Then, when Phoney is arguing with Fone toward the end, when Fone wants to stay with Thorn but Phoney wants him to return to Boneville...
    Smiley: Phoncible P. Bone, you are going to support your cousin no matter what decision he makes because you love him.
    Phoney: ... (Sighs in resignation and acceptance.)
  • Smiley's familial moments too. Like Phoney, he's shown to be protective of Fone Bone, but he's also more affectionate, hugging Fone and calling him nicknames like "little pal" and "little buddy".
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  • In spite of what Briar turned out to really be, there was something so sweet about gruff, grumpy Lucius talking about the girl he very nearly married.
    Smiley: You ever been married?
    Lucius: No.
    Lucius: I almost got married once.
    Smiley: Really?!
    Lucius: It was a long time ago... She was a beautiful woman... Th' most beautiful woman in th' whole valley... (smiles) We were in love, and we courted, a lot of folks thought we were gonna get hitched...
    Smiley: So what happened? Why didn't you get married?
    Lucius: (No longer smiling) She didn't want to.
  • Ted Telling Thorn all about her mother, Moonwort.
  • Thorn's relationship with her Gran'ma Ben.
    • The first book alone has plenty of loving moments between Thorn and Gran'ma Ben, from Thorn making her apple pie to embracing her when Gran'ma Ben survives the Rat Creatures' attack.
    • "The Great Cow Race" has a notable one. Despite that Phoney has convinced everyone into thinking Gran'ma Ben is too old to win the titular race, only two people never lose faith in her: Lucius and Thorn.
    • In "Ghost Circles", Thorn comforting Gran'ma Ben when she believes Lucius was caught in the volcano's blast.
    • In "Crown of Horns", there's the way that Gran'ma Ben and Thorn reunite so happily, right down to the part where Gran'ma Ben joyfully kisses her granddaughter's face. It speaks volumes of how much they've moved past their rough patch in books 3, 4 and 6, a beautiful sign that Thorn has forgiven her grandmother.

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