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Tear Jerker / Bone

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  • In "Eye of the Storm", Thorn's tearful breakdown when she learns Gran'ma Ben kept secrets from her, about how her parents were killed by rat creatures and how she's royalty. It's such an intense moment that not only marks Thorn's loss of innocence, but also her broken trust in Gran'ma Ben.
  • Any scene involving Gran'ma Ben or Lucius late in the story when they don't know where the other is.
  • In "Dragonslayer", Lucius and Fone Bone find Thorn in her room sitting silently on her bed. When Lucius calls to her, all Thorn can do is whimper "Oh, Mister Down..." and collapse into tears in his arms.
  • Jonathan's deathbed scene.
  • Fone Bone fearing for Thorn's life when she reveals her plan to go after the Crown of Horns in order to destroy the Locust, but might kill her too because of the piece inside her, and trying to talk her out of to the point of tears when Thorn doesn't deny it.
    Fone Bone: It DOES mean that! PROMISE ME YOU WON'T DO IT! (crying) THORN! THORN — PROMISE ME PLEASE!
  • Thorn seeing her dead mother in her dreams. She sadly notes to Fone Bone that its the only time she's ever seen her face.
  • Fone Bone saying goodbye to everyone, particularly Thorn.
    • If it's any indication, even Phoney seems saddened.
      • For context, Phoney at this point is still under the impression he's about to ride back home with a chest for a treasure. Everything is going his way, so you'd think he'd have no reason to be down. And yet, he's notably somber in this scene.
  • The flashback showing the dragons fighting the Lord of Locusts aka Mim, their beloved queen.
    • Even sadder when you learn in "Tall Tales" that the Great Red Dragon (who was amongst the dragons that fought her) is in fact Mim's son.
  • Lucius' funeral.

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