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Hoobastank is a Post-Grunge/Alternative Rock band from Agoura Hills, California. After performing at the Cobalt Cafe with Incubus for a while and independently releasing two Funk Rock albums they finally got a record deal in 2001 (at which point their sax player Jeremy Wasser left the band) and soon it seemed the first three singles of their Self-Titled Album debut was going to make them a Three Hit Wonder. Then in 2003 their second album, The Reason (which ditched their Nu Metal influences) was released and the Title Track topped most modern rock charts, reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and played on the Grand Finale of Friends. They accompanied Linkin Park on the Meteora tour the same year. They released Every Man For Himself in 2006, For(N)ever in 2009, Is This The Day in 2010, Fight or Flight in 2012 and Push Pull in 2018.

Hoobastank contains examples of:

  • Alternative Metal: Hoobastank heavily relied on it up until Push Pull.
  • The Cameo: Kanye West, Joel Madden from Good Charlotte and Chester Bennington from Linkin Park appears in the Same Direction musice video.
  • I Hate Past Me: "The Reason" is about a person regretting the awful actions they've done to someone else and seeing that someone as their reason to change.
  • Nu Metal: Genre the band is associated with in the media thanks to "Crawling in the Dark", although their connections to nu metal are actually very brief and not paramount. Their self-titled album does have elements of nu metal and a couple of full-on nu metal songs ("Crawling in the Dark" and "Pieces", to some extent "Better"), but it's mostly post-grunge/alternative rock album.
  • Religion Rant Song: "Same Direction"
    So why does there only have to be one correct philosophy?
    I don't want to go and follow you just to end up like one of them
    And why are you always telling me what you want me to believe?
    I'd like to think that I can go my own way and meet you in the end
  • Undercover Cop Reveal: In the video of "Same Direction", which is a sequel to "The Reason" where the band stole a Ruby, the singer is revealed to be an undercover cop and then arrests his band mates.