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Fingerpainted arguments?

Electric Arguments is the third and final studio album by The Fireman, released in 2008. The Fireman is an alias for collaborations between Paul McCartney and Youth, and their first release after The Reveal of The Fireman's identity. Where the first Fireman album is an ambient work featuring McCartney samples and the second features some live-in-studio instrumental work, Electric Arguments is a full song-oriented collaboration, essentially an electronic rock album.

The album was a moderate commercial success, topping the independent release charts and reaching the lower reaches of the mainstream album charts. It also drew strong reviews, with many critics musing that McCartney seems to work best behind a thinly-veiled pseudonym.



  1. "Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight" (4:55)
  2. "Two Magpies" (2:12)
  3. "Sing The Changes" (3:44)
  4. "Travelling Light" (5:06)
  5. "Highway" (4:17)
  6. "Light From Your Lighthouse" (2:31)
  7. "Sun Is Shining" (5:12)
  8. "Dance 'Til We're High" (3:37)
  9. "Lifelong Passion" (4:49)
  10. "Is This Love?" (5:52)
  11. "Lovers In A Dream" (5:22)
  12. "Universal Here, Everlasting Now" (5:05)
  13. "Don't Stop Running" (5:54)
  14. "Road Trip" (2:36)

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