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The classic line-up (From left-to-right): Ron "Royce" Broder, Markus "Marquis Marky" Edelmann and Tommy "T. Baron" Vetterli

Coroner is a highly respected Thrash Metal band from Switzerland, most notable for their incredible technical playing, paving the way for many metal bands and almost single handedly creating technical thrash metal. Starting off as a bunch of crew members for Celtic Frost, drummer Markus "Marquis Marky" Edelmann decided to team up with guitarist Tommy "T. Baron" Vetterli to create original music. Their demo "Death Cult" was released with Tom Fischer on vocals as a guest before recruiting Ron "Royce" Broder on vocals and bass.

They released two albums, R.I.P. and Punishment For Decadence, before making the change from the prominent neo-classical playing in the first album to the signature technical style that shot their fame further with the release of No More Color. Hailed as the best album in their discography due to the unique combination of thrash and time signature changes, Coroner continued with the progressive thrash style in Mental Vortex and becoming a bigger hit in the metal community. With the release of their last album Grin Coroner was easily distinguishable, going from their normal technical thrash playing to a whole new style that fans could recognize as their own style.


After releasing a self titled compilation album, the band broke up due to bad management and lack of support. In 2011, a reunion tour surfaced with all three members and a live album is currently being worked on for release. They also re-released their Death Cult demo and are preparing to release a DVD documentary.

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