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Ah, yes, the one and only Annihilator. One of underground metal's most influential and beloved Thrash Metal bands, Annihilator was formed in 1984, going through several vocalists before finally releasing their debut album Alice in Hell in 1989, which is considered a thrash metal classic even to this day. Guitarist Jeff Waters is the only constant member of the band, as well as the band's main songwriter. Waters is hailed as a very admirable and influential guitar player, with metal artists such as Lamb of God and even non-metal acts like Nickelback (no, really, you did read that right) cite him as an influence, or are at least a fan of him.


Annihilator has had quite a history. Since the band's inception, they have had a whopping 26 former members as of 2012, including 6 different vocalists. To date, they have released a total of 13 studio albums, making them one of thrash metal's longest running bands. They have also gone through a couple stylistic changes since their formation, while still being rooted in thrash.

Studio Discography:

  • Alice in Hell (1989)
  • Never, Neverland (1990)
  • Set the World on Fire (1993)
  • King of the Kill (1994)
  • Refresh the Demon (1996)
  • Remains (1997)
  • Criteria for a Black Widow (1999)
  • Carnival Diablos (2001)
  • Waking the Fury (2002)
  • All for You (2004)
  • Schizo Deluxe (2005)
  • Metal (2007)
  • Annihilator (2010)
  • Feast (2013)
  • Suicide Society (2015)


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