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Ah, yes, the one and only Annihilator. One of underground metal's most influential and beloved Thrash Metal bands, Annihilator was formed in 1984, going through several vocalists before finally releasing their debut album Alice in Hell in 1989, which is considered a thrash metal classic even to this day. Guitarist Jeff Waters is the only constant member of the band, as well as the band's main songwriter. Waters is hailed as a very admirable and influential guitar player, with metal artists such as Lamb of God and even non-metal acts like Nickelback (no, really, you did read that right) cite him as an influence, or are at least a fan of him.


Annihilator has had quite a history. Since the band's inception, they have had a whopping 26 former members as of 2012, including 6 different vocalists. To date, they have released a total of 16 studio albums, making them one of thrash metal's longest running bands. They have also gone through a couple stylistic changes since their formation, while still being rooted in thrash.

Studio Discography:

  • Alice in Hell (1989)
  • Never, Neverland (1990)
  • Set the World on Fire (1993)
  • King of the Kill (1994)
  • Refresh the Demon (1996)
  • Remains (1997)
  • Criteria for a Black Widow (1999)
  • Carnival Diablos (2001)
  • Waking the Fury (2002)
  • All for You (2004)
  • Schizo Deluxe (2005)
  • Metal (2007)
  • Annihilator (2010)
  • Feast (2013)
  • Suicide Society (2015)
  • For the Demented (2017)
  • Ballistic, Sadistic (2020)


Oh ALISON!! Show us what tropes appear in this band!

  • Based on a True Story: The title tracks to Alison Hell (a girl who was so afraid of the boogeyman, she went insane because her parents thought it was just a phase) and Never Neverland (a girl gets locked in a room because she looked at a boy). Lampshaded in the Alison Hell music video where it explains the influence behind the song.
  • Canada, Eh?: And proud of it.
    • Kraf Dinner!
  • Careful with That Axe: Randy Rampage had quite a few moments like this.
  • Creepy Child: Oh god, Alice...
  • Driven to Madness: The majority of Annihilator's early lyrical content.
  • Drives Like Crazy: "Speed".
  • Drunk Driver: "Road To Ruin". Overlaps with Drives Like Crazy.
  • Fun with Acronyms: W.T.Y.D. (Welcome To Your Death)
  • The Gambling Addict: 21.
  • Global Warming: Stonewall.
  • Groove Metal: For most of the Nineties and various albums since then.
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  • I Am the Band: Lampshaded in some interviews, but made most obvious in Remains; he was the only band member in Annihilator.
  • Insufferable Genius: Jeff Waters is very, very good at guitar, and if you didn't figure that out immediately, he'll be glad to tell you all about it.
  • It Is Pronounced "Tro-PAY": Inversion; let's countdown the various amount of ways others pronounce Annihilator, shall we?
    • And the winner, going to Eastern Europe... Anal Heater.
  • Mad Doctor: "Dr. Psycho".
  • Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: It's all over the place, but it varies between 7 and 8.
    • On the low end, the softer songs will be around 2, with the lowest being "Holding On" and "Crystal Ann" at a 1.
    • On the high end, the demo tapes pre-Alice In Hell along with select songs from All For You and Schizo Deluxe reach 9.
  • Older Than They Look: Dave Padden (the one with the beard for those unfamiliar) still looks like he just graduated college. He's actually 38.
  • Primal Fear: "Imperiled Eyes".
  • My God, What Have I Done?: "The Fun Palace", a song about a man haunted by nightmares for years after committing a horrible crime.
  • Religion Rant Song: "I Am In Command". Told from the point of view of a religious megalomaniac.
  • Revolving Door Band: Jeff does not seem to be capable of keeping a stable lineup, though Padden has managed to stick around for quite a while.
  • Word Salad Lyrics: "Word Salad"
    Closets of my mind destroyed, as I enter outward from a void
    Corpses white have strapped me down, I rise above then fall
    Tactual hallucination, cockroaches infest the wall
    • Given the weirdness of the band, this trope is a familiarity among some songs. But Brain Dance takes the cake for this passage...
    Rubber shoes, a dirty sock
    Plastic toes and it's my pet rock!!
    And this song is very silly and it makes no sense at all because
    it's weird!

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