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  • American Top 40: The original version of the second-ever broadcast, aired July 11, 1970 (and featuring the chart for July 18) is rumored to be lost; however, some insist that a "reconstituted" version, featuring clips from the July 4 show (AT40's debut, incidentally) and the July 25 program were used to create a "new" July 11, 1970 show. All other episodes from the original 1970-1995 run are known to exist.
    • Repeats of Casey Kasem-hosted American Top 40 shows, from July 1970 through August 1988, are broadcast as part of two different radio programs: "AT40: The 70s" (featuring 1970-1979 shows) and "AT40: The 80s" (focusing on the 1980-1988 episodes). Both programs are distributed by the Premiere Radio Network. As both packages include Casey Kasem's name in the title (i.e., "Casey Kasem's 'American Top 40': The 80s"), it is not likely that shows hosted by either the occassional guest host or by latter-day host Shadoe Stevens will be aired anytime soon. (Stevens took over for Kasem after he departed ABC Radio Network in August 1988, and hosted AT40 for the rest of its original run; the apparent exclusion of August 1988-December 1989 shows in the 80s package could easily be resolved by the pre-show announcer simply stating that said program aired after Kasem's departure and Stevens taking over the hosting role.)
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    • Although few, if any repeats, have been aired since their original airings, it is believed all shows from AT40's country music sister program, American Country Countdown, exist. 1973-2006 has been digitally remastered by Charis Music Group. ACC began airing in October 1973, and has been hosted by Don Bowman (1973-1978), Bob Kingsley (1978-2005) and Kix Brooks (2006-present), with Kingsley starting another countdown show of his own, Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40. In May 2015, Bob also began ACC Rewind, a separate show which airs a randomly selected ACC reruns from the corresponding week ranging from about 1990-2005.
  • Schadenfreude, by the comedy troupe of the same name, parodied this trope with its missing Episode 39, supposedly removed due to offending someone they joked about in the show. The troupe would again use Episode 39 as the justification for its reunion show, claiming that, by skipping an episode, it violated its contractual obligations to NPR, and had to team back up for one last show.
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  • Apparently, no recordings exist of any of the 1950 Blackhawk Radio Drama's 16 episodes.
  • Many episodes of Fred Allen's various shows are not known to exist (although some have come to light in recent years). Notably, the original episode that began the Fred Allen-Jack Benny feud does exist, but only the East coast feed. The West coast feed, in which Allen's ad-libbed insults of Benny were apparently much more elaborate and hilarious is apparently gone. The relative few episodes of Fred Allen's shows that are still available compared to Jack Benny's may explain in part why Benny is much better remembered today.
  • The Marx Brothers radio series Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel, which aired as the Monday programme on NBC's Five-Star Theater for 26 episodes in 1932-33, was believed completely lost until the discovery of the scripts of all but one episode in the Library of Congress in 1988, and the discovery of recordings of fragments of Episodes 24 and 25 and the complete Episode 26 in 1996. The BBC adapted some of the surviving scripts and aired them on Radio 4 between 1990 and 1992.
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  • Many episodes of the original 1998 XFM series of The Ricky Gervais Show (often known as Series 0), which took place between January and August 1998 are lost. The reason is that Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant were not very well known at that time, and the show only ran for a few months, and aired on the unusual time of 4PM-6PM on Sundays. There are two known complete episodes and several tapes worth of compiled material from other shows. What is notable about these shows is that the duo had not met Karl Pilkington yet. Their second XFM Series (often known as Series 1 because it's the first to feature Karl) began in September 2001, only recordings of shows from 10th November onwards circulate. Thus about 9 shows are missing. This series is the first time they ever broadcast with Karl Pilkington as a cohost of the show. It is more likely than not that somebody did tape the previous two months as the duo were well known from The Office at the time, but that for whatever reason they are not available online yet (or maybe are in collectors' circles).
  • Adventures in Odyssey has several, mostly due to the character known as "Officer Harley", a rather buffoonish policeman. Parents thought the character would be a bad impression on the police force, so the charcter was removed. The trope is subverted as some of the episodes reair with Harley edited out of the episode or replaced with another character, such as Eugene Meltsner, but there are several episodes which really are missing, because of Harley being too important of a character or controversial issues, such as abortion. There's another episode called "Lights Out At Whit's End", which hasn't aired since it first did, not only because of Harley, but also because it was just too...odd, according to Word of God. Ever heard Whit and Tom Riley rap? The episode was available to listen online at the show's website, but seems to have been taken down.
  • Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce recorded 220 episodes of The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. About only 52 are known to be in circulation.


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