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Other examples:

  • On Sir Terry Wogan's last ever breakfast radio broadcast on 18 December 2009, there was a special BBC radio news report (read by one of his True Companions Alan Dedicoat) to start off the last half hour of the broadcast where some important people sent recorded well wishes to Wogan as he exited morning radio for good. These people included then-opposition leader/future Prime Minister David Cameron and then-Prime Minster Gordon Brown.
  • On the US public radio program "On the Media," broadcast 18 March, 2011 conservative activist prankster James O'Keefe is interviewed after causing NPR execs to resign based on a misleadingly edited sting video. O'Keefe defends the practice of using quotes out of context as "an introductory sequence change that broadcast journalists use all the time." At the end of the interview, the host acknowledges all interviews are edited but then turns O'Keefe's tactics on O'Keefe as an illustration, including:
    • ...There is another way to cut and paste, applying the black arts of broadcast editing to create an utterly dishonest impression altogether. And that might sound something like this:
    • BOB GARFIELD: Who are your heroes?
    • JAMES O'KEEFE: G.K. Chesterton, underage prostitutes, Attorney General Gerry Brown and hyperbole and obfuscation.