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  • On Christmas Eve 1926 at midnight, contralto Ernestine Schumann-Heink sang ''Stille Nacht'' in German and English over New York radio. She continued to do this faithfully for decades. During WWII the Christmas Eve cease fire would begin with the sound of her voice. Four of her sons had fought in WWI; three for the Allies and one for Germany.
  • In the CBC radio drama series Afghanada, one of the soldiers comes across a wounded Taliban sniper. The sniper begs for the soldier to kill him, but the soldier decided to get medical help instead. Later on, the soldier gets a note from his sergeant. She says in the note that the soldier has done the right thing and that she has never been prouder of one of her soldiers.
  • At the end of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1978)'s Quintessential Phase, Earth is blown up yet again, and it's all over. This is where it ends in Mostly Harmless. But then, the Guide comes in and mentions the Babel Fish and its ability to sense inevitable destruction and instantly transport itself, its host, and other lifeforms nearby to safety. They all end up at Milliway's with Zaphod, the dolphins are playing around in the water outside, Marvin has been fixed and found purpose in washing cars, and Fenchurch is a waitress. Just before the ending music, we hear Fenchurch and Arthur making plans to go flying together again.
  • The final episode of KTUH's Timbre Tantrums has one at the very end. Right after the final song (Fair and Kind's "Last Song For Now"), DJ Ryan gives us a nice, warm parting message:
    Ryan: *psst* Hey. I love you.
  • On September 25, 2003, sound collage master Don Joyce of Negativland devoted an episode of his KPFA show Over the Edge to Eminem, mostly unexpurgated. Station management was not amused. Partly for this reason and partly to titrate the "toxic and morally corrosive" ambience of the Eminem show, Don then presented "A Nice Trip to Disneyland" which actually was nice. A pleasant (for the most part) mix of rarities and unusual Magic Kingdom audio, "official ride tracks, narrations, music, songs, announcements, outtakes, commercials, and Walt himself."