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  • A heartwarming and funny moment occurred on the October 20, 1940 broadcast, when Jack finally decides he's going to trade in his old Maxwell. He even puts aside his cheapskate tendencies and goes all out on a new Packard. He's just about to close the deal when...
    Man: Hey, what'll I do with the old Maxwell, Mr. Collins?
    Collins: Nothing you can do, just take it out and junk it.
    Jack: (writing the check) "And... fifty..." (Beat.) ... Junk it?
    • Jack, sounding almost in tears at the prospect of his little old Maxwell on a scrap heap, becomes so angry at Mr. Collins that he calls off the deal and storms out. Upon returning to the car, Jack is touchingly happy and affectionate to see "Maxie" again... at least until it loses a tire almost immediately. "Trouble, trouble, nothing but trouble with this piece of junk! Someday I'm gonna trade it in!"
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  • In one episode, Jack almost ends up spending New Year's alone after his date has to cancel at the last minute, but Rochester willingly gives up going to his own party to stay with him. Jack is touched enough by this to warrant opening a bottle of champagne.
  • There are a few from Real Life, as well. At one point, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson was denied a room at the same hotel as the rest of the cast in St. Joseph, Missouri. Jack confronted the hotel manager, stating "If he doesn't stay here, neither will I." The manager relented.
    • Occurred again when the cast were staying at a hotel in New York, when the manager ordered that Anderson leave at the request of other customers. This time around the manager did not relent, and Anderson left the hotel... and Jack Benny, with the rest of his crew, left with him.
  • Another from real life — the day Carole Lombard died, Jack was so inconsolable, that for the only time in his career (barring the occasional illness) he could not go on with the show. That night, the program was all music.
  • Yet another from real life: After Mel Blanc was involved in a nasty car accident that left him in a coma, Jack visited him at the hospital every day until his recovery.
    • The Jack Benny: The Lost Episodes DVD collection features Mel's first appearance back on the show for the first time after the accident, after spending nearly a year in recovery.
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  • Another from real life (Jack had a lot of these): he arranged it so that, after he died, a rose would be delivered to his wife every day until her own death.
  • The towns named in Mel Blanc's train announcement routine are all real, including "Cucamonga". It's actually Rancho Cucamonga, a well-off suburban town with many industries. It has, of course, a Jack Benny Street... intersecting with a major thoroughfare called Rochester Avenue.

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