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Memes / PewDiePie

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]] Example 


  • Pew News:
  • Meme Review:
    • MEME REVIEW!Explanation 
    • 👏👏 Explanation 
    • X for Meme Review / LWIAY.Explanation 
  • LWIAY:
    • Pewds carrying a shopping cart.Explanation 
    • Pewds has no legs!Explanation 
    • Found FelixExplanation 
  • You Laugh, You Lose:
    • SKRATTAR DU, FÖRLORAR DU!Explanation 

     Let’s Plays 

  • Happy Wheels:
    • I DON'T CAAAAAAAAAARE!Explanation 
    • But Dad, that was a backfli-DON'T QUESTION MEEEE!Explanation 
  • Zero Deaths!Explanation 
  • Quite a few from his 2019 Minecraft playthrough:
    • There's X in Minecraft!?Explanation 
    • #1 on Trending for GamingExplanation 
    • I'm a veteran!Explanation 
    • Jorgen, where are you?Explanation 
    • He was like a father to me. I loved him like my son.Explanation 
    • Water SheepExplanation 
    • Big Brain!Explanation 



  • It's not called being gay. It's called being FABULOOOOUUUS!
  • It's just you, me, and the loading screen.
  • Why are we still here? Just to suffer?Explanation 
  • PewDiePie is out of ideas.Explanation 
  • Respekt Waman.Explanation 
  • Jackspedicy.Explanation 
  • Heated Gaming Moment.Explanation 
  • $399.Explanation 
    • But can you do this?Explanation 
  • T-Series
    • His grudge against T-Series.Explanation 
    • Subscribe to Pewdiepie!Explanation 
    • I'm doing my part!note 
  • 9-year-olds.Explanation 
  • The picture of Pewds at his 2015 book signing in New York.Explanation 
  • This game is still relevant god damn it!Explanation 
  • Would you like to buy a house?Explanation 


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