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Manga / Shiroi Heya no Futari

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Description from The Other Wiki:

The orphaned Resine decides, against her aunt's wishes, to attend the same Boarding School as her mother, but she finds it difficult to fit herself into the life of the school. Resine must also share a room with Simone, the rebellious daughter of a famous actress. Simone does not make Resine feel welcome and takes advantage of every chance she gets to cause trouble: she goes out late with boys, copies Resine's homework, and teases Resine every time she cries. In spite of everything, the two girls become closer, although Resine cannot name the feeling.

Shiroi Heya no Futari (白い部屋のふたり, Our White Room or Couple of the White Room) was the first Girls' Love manga. It was written by Ryoko Yamagishi, one of the Year 24 Group (a collective of manga artists who revolutionized Shōjo manga), during The '70s, and is the source of many common Girls' Love tropes.


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