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Literature / Katie Kazoo Switcheroo

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I wish I could be anyone but me!
—The back of the book
Katie Carew, third-and-fourth-grade girl switches bodies with her friends and family as a result of a wish on a shooting star.

This series provides examples of:

  • Animorphism: The magic wind occasionally turns Katie into other animals. Katie has been a hamster, a cocker spaniel, a black cat, a raccoon, a clownfish, a snake, a horse, a bat, a reindeer, a dolphin, and a goat.
  • Blow You Away: Subverted, while the magic wind only blows around Katie, it does have the power to turn her into somebody else.
  • Everytown, America: Cherrydale. The state is unknown; the only real clue is that it is somewhere in the USA. It also fits most of the description of this trope; there is a single elementary school named after the town, most of the residents are friendly except for one or two, it is a Close-Knit Community and Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Here, the town’s history is very simple, and the characters are routinely involved in city affairs. Celebrity guests also visit the town with an alarming frequency. Following this, the plot of the book is “Katie turns into celebrity, messes things up, turns back, and then creates the celebrity’s new ad campaign based on her screwup”.
  • Gender Bender: One of the books has her transforming into her best friend Jeremy...who is a boy.
  • The Mall: Where everyone hangs out. EVERYONE. Usually at the candy shop or pizza place.
  • Orphaned Series: More than likely, there hasn't been a new book since around 2013.
  • Summer Campy: This trope gets put into context of a science camp (the type of which most schools send the kids off to in March one year in any grade from third to eighth), with Genie, a female Drill Sergeant Nasty, as the instructor. The only deviation is that the other counselors are genuinely nice, as if to make up for Genie’s meanness.

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