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Well, this is basically a tradition of the genre...

Ho Yay

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Being the two main protagonists of the series and Childhood Friends, there is considerable amounts of Ho Yay between them, made all the more impressive by Yuno's relative lack of screen time.
  • Yuno is the first and initially only person other than Asta himself to believe the latter to have a shot in becoming the Wizard King.
  • He only interacts with and thinks of Asta, while his relationship with other characters only seldom explored.
  • The most influential moment in their backstory was an instance when Asta, despite lacking magic went ahead against a drunk adult just so he could retrieve Yuno's precious pendant from him.
  • Spoofed during the visit to hot springs when Asta brings up that Yuno has only taken baths with other men.
  • Bell, Mimosa and Noelle all show obvious envy/shock towards Asta and Yuno being so close.
  • When Sekke tries to poison Asta out of revenge for humiliating him during the exams, Yuno's intervenes with Tranquil Fury obviously seeping through every word he says.

    Asta/anyone else 
Asta seems to have an easy time inadvertently worming his way into other people's hearts as well.
  • Asta and Magna have the age-old Senpai Kouhai dynamic with occasional extra subtext.
    • After returning from a failed expedition to a dungeon in order to hind a cure for Asta, Magna delivers an incredibly flowery apology to Asta, all while calling Asta his angel.
  • It turns out that his lack of mana enabled him to regularly interact with Henry, meaning that Asta is the person Henry is closest to.
  • Impressed by Asta's bold disposition, Leopold declares himself and Asta to be rivals.
  • After becoming Fire-Forged Friends, Gauche becomes much more fond and protective of Asta.
  • Following the battle against Mars, Klaus is impressed by Asta's indomitable will and is very affectionate towards Asta every time they meet after the Dungeon Exploration Arc.
    • Klaus looks up to Asta so much that he expanded his own training regimen to include substantial muscle training, to the point of becoming much more muscular by the Royal Knights Arc.
  • Rill, being a major Cloudcuckoolander, normally had problems making friends with people (especially his own age), up until he bonds with Asta after they capture the rogue Purple Orca Captain. Since than, they're pretty much on a First-Name Basis and Rill even shamelessly glomps Asta in public while asking him for help.

    Rest of the Black Bulls 
  • Gordon is this towards all other guys in the group, regularly mumbling about hilariously extravagant emblems of their friendship.
    • During the Witches' Forest arc, he and Gauche pair up to look for a cure for Asta's arms in the library, leading to Gordon having an even stronger fixation on Gauche.
  • Magna and Luck are Bash Brothers with loads and loads of Foe Yay.

     The Eye of the Midnight Sun 
  • Heath was so loyal to their leader that he chose to take his own life in order to avoid revealing sensitive information about their organization.
  • Valdos is by far one of Licht's most steadfast servants, blatantly idolizing and praising him every chance he gets.
  • Vetto literally refers to Licht as 'his hope' moments before his death.

  • Upon their reincarnation, several Elves hug each other, glad that they've reunited, with Lira in particular having No Sense of Personal Space around Raia.
  • Patry/Licht. Even as a child, Patry was incredibly attached to Licht and always sought to be as near to him as possible, as lampshaded several times by his fellow elves.
    • During a feast prior to Licht's wedding, Patry sits right next to him. Cue to the other elves teasing him that Licht is about to be 'taken'.
    • There wasn't much of practical reason for Patry to take Licht's name when forming the Eye of the Midnight Sun, given that the Third Eye already knew his real identity, while the name of the tribe's leader was pretty much forgotten by humans. This suggests personal reasoning; it doesn't help that upon reincarnating in William's body, Patry assumes a form that looks like the real Licht.

  • Alecdora is utterly envious of Yuno getting so close to their captain William Vangeance.
  • William and Yami, much to the latter's annoyance to admit that they sync pretty well, especially in battle.
  • More tragically, William was stuck with a Sadistic Choice to choose between his friendship with Julius and his special bond with Licht/Patry.

  • Nozel is usually extremely cold towards just about everyone; however, Fuegoleon's defeat left him with such Tranquil Fury that he sworn to take revenge on those who did that to his rival.
    • Flashbacks show that their (surprisingly friendly) rivalry persisted ever since their childhood.
  • Yami usually messes around with almost everyone he meets, whether they are allies, enemies or total strangers. The one person he respects at all times is Julius Novachrono, the man who aided him and helped him elevate himself from a mere outcast to being one of the most competent Magic Knights in the Clover Kingdom.
  • After Asta, Yuno is also on friendly terms with Rill following their battle.
  • Langris and Finral have an complicated dynamic alongside frequent Incest Subtext mixed with Foe Yay. For most of their life, their relationship was strained by their parents dismissing Finral in favor of the more talented Langris. However, outside of the nuclear family bubble, Finral's kind personality made him much more liked by others. The ensuing Inferiority Superiority Complex left Langris obsessed with proving to be superior to his older brother in every possible way, indirectly making Finral the cornerstone of his life. Finral in turn spent much of their childhood unsuccessfully trying to bond with his younger brother before leaving the family altogether.
    • Their battle during the climax of the Eye of the Midnight Sun saga has this in spades, finishing with the two of them Holding Hands.
  • In one Petit Clover segment in the anime, Kirsch shamelessly offers to pose (pretty much naked) for Rill.

Les Yay

  • Sol is Ambiguously Gay towards Captain Charlotte ever since Charlotte saved her and inspired her to join the Magic Knights.
  • Mereoleona holds Acier in high regard even many years after the latter died.
  • The Witch Queen sought ways to turn her people into a One-Gender Race.
  • Among the other girls in the Black Bulls, Grey seemingly prefers hanging out with Charmy the most.

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