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Asta will be crucial to a villain's plans at some point.
The kid can nullify any magic he touches, and magic is the main means for the kingdom to defend itself. You do the math.
  • To a point I believe his weapons and grimoire are part of whatever is sealed in the stone.

Asta and Juno are orphans originally from the village mentioned by those from the White Devil Eyes.
Here a listt of my arguments:
  • Juno has suspiciously high levels of mana, and like the only female of the villains he is the only one known to be aknowledged by spirit elemental magic.
  • There seems to be an extremely rare connection from Asta's absolute lac of magic and the 5 clover grimoire and it's swords.
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  • Licht mentions a him that was the previous owner of the anti magic swords and grimoire, obviously went missing at some point before the story and now Asta is the only one capable of using them, sounds too much like a Chessmaster was pulling his strings at some point there.
  • Juno and Asta where left at the same day in the church... and now they are overly powerfull rookies. Yeah, no connection in there right?

There will be a mission set in Yami's homeland...
...and Yami will be fatally wounded in that mission. The rest of the Black Bulls will subsequently nominate Asta to be their captain.

The anime will adapt the Light Novel story.
Either as part of the broadcast or an OVA. It so that when the Witches' Forest arc is adapted the viewers won't be clueless on who Franzell Kruger, Dominante Code and Mariella are.
  • Confirmed.

Asta's Grimoire is not a real one.
Or at least whatever entities created everyone else's Grimoire, Asta's was created by a completely different and unrelated party. His Grimoire does not follow the standard rules of everyone else's, and far beyond that of the five-leaf clover on it:
  1. Asta does not receive his Grimoire from a library tower. Currently, where it comes from is unknown.
  2. The Grimoire is not connected to the mana of its user, considering Asta has none. Instead, it can potentially be used by anyone.
  3. Asta uses it only to pull things out. Unlike all other Grimoires, this book contains no actual spells.
  4. There is seemingly no limit to the power of a spell the swords cannot negate or deflect. They are also the only spells with an inexhaustible power supply (not counting Asta's own stamina).
  5. Raia is unable to copy the sword's Anti-Magic properties. This is the only spell he can only duplicate in an incomplete manner.
Rather, I think the Devil himself created this book and gave it to him personally for his own reasons, whatever they might be, and that whatever force endowed everyone else with a Grimoire simply skipped Asta due to his complete lack of mana.

Liar was the one who attacked the wedding between Licht and the Wizard Kings sister.
From what we have seen of the attack, the people were killed using light magic which would point to the wizard king but we do know that Liar has the power to copy the magic and even form of other people so it was actually him who attacked the wedding to prevent "bridging the gap" between the humans and elves.

The demon in Asta's Grimoire is the true Licht
His forbidden reincarnation magic did work on himself after battling his former friend as the demon. The anti-magic itself is unique to Asta's summoning of the Grimoire after all, as when the original owner used them it was merely sword magic that he could summon them with and when the false Licht called the sword's the true master's and thought Asta had "stolen" them. The demon in Asta's "Demon Dweller Sword" however is probably the spirit of Anti-Magic, just as Sylph is Wind.

  • Jossed. It's currently an unnamed demon, and its not Licht.

Asta is a descendant of Tetia and Licht.
Somehow, the child of Tetia and Licht survived, had kids, and the bloodline passed and eventually, led us to Asta.

Nero is the reincarnation of the First Magic Emperor.
The bird looks like it knows what's happening in the plot. The fact that the bird is named after a roman emperor is kinda indicative too.
  • Jossed The bird is important in reviving the First Magic Emperor, though.

Patry's attack on Clover Kingdom is the same one that killed the elves.
When Julius defended against the attack he inadvertently sent it back in time

Sally will become a member of the Black Bulls.
Yami's proven he has no problem recruiting criminals, after all.

Grey and Marx Francois are somehow related.
They have the same general look to them; it can't just be coincidence.

Asta's lack of magic power is important because it allows him to avoid the Corruption of the Grimoire, or Magic Users in general.
Perhaps the Devil relies in Magic in order to fool people or corrupt their hearts. The fact that Asta is the muggle makes him specially immune to the corruption, and he can even use the Black Grimoire in a way that the demons never intended.

Juno will be the Wizard King while Asta will be King of the Clover Kingdom.
They are both trying to be the Wizard King, and yet there is another King in charge of the country albeit with less magical power than Julius. Juno has actual magic and has shown time and again to be very skilled with manipulating Wind, while at the same time he's reserved and stoic. Asta, on the other hand, is very outgoing and outspoken, and able to connect with people better. Since Asta's magic is literally having no magic at all (and cancelling out others), it might be seen as a technicality against him being the Wizard King compared to the powerful and talented Juno. Asta would be fine with this of course as their goal is to see one of them be the next Wizard King, but he'd get a consolation prize in replacing Augustus Kira Clover XIII as a King of the citizens. Then they can work together to make the Clover Kingdom a better place.

Asta is part demon.
Well, Charmy is apparently part-Dwarf. It's not out of the realm of possibility that Asta has some other half going for him. And his demon-blood is the cause of him having no mana, but in exchange he can have control over demons.

Asta's full name...
In relation to the "Asta is part demon," theory, Asta's full "demon" name is Astaroth.

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