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Drinking Game / Black Clover

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You're gonna need more wine, Vanessa.

Drinking game for Black Clover. Take a sip whenever:

  • Asta says that he's going to become the Wizard King.
  • Nero starts pecking at Asta.
  • Noelle says "I'm royalty" to justify something.
    • Alternatively, when she overpays someone for a menial task in the beginning of the story.
  • Yuno says "not a chance".
  • Asta starts screaming.
  • Yami is shown on the toilet or complains that he's gonna have to deal with a bad one.
    • Take another sip if Yami is being interrupted while he's on the toilet.
  • Charmy is seen eating a ton of food.
  • Vanessa is seen drunk. Another sip if she's laying down on the Black Bulls' couch in her underwear.
  • Magna is called a "delinquent" by one of the other Black Bulls. Another sip if he's called a "virgin delinquent" by Vanessa.
  • Luck wants to fight someone.
  • Gauche brings up Marie and how precious she is.
    • Alternatively, whenever Gauche has a nosebleed.
  • Finral tries to flirt with a girl. Another sip if he immediately gets shot down.
  • Finral mentions that he has seniority over one of the other members.
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  • Noelle acts as a tsundere towards Asta.
  • Gordon mumbles creepily. Another sip if someone says they can't understand him.
  • Grey acts extremely shy about her true appearance.
  • Asta says "Not giving up is my magic!"
  • An elf talks about how much they hate humans. You might die during the Reincarnation Arc.
  • Sekke brags about something that's a lie.
  • A noble or royal looks down on a commoner or peasant.
  • Nacht states that he hates something or someone. Another sip if it's about his hate for Yami.

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