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Drinking Game / Black Lagoon

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Take a shot if:

  • Revy takes a shot
  • Someone gets shot, and another one if that person dies.
    • Two shots for every time the Yellow Flag bar has a shootout and another one if it gets destroyed again.
  • Someone f-bombs or f-strikes. Or is bleeped out in the Toonami run of the show.
    • Two shots if that person is Revy.
      • Three shots if that person is Roberta or Rock. There are a few occations that gives you 5 shots or even more!
  • Everytime Hotel Moscow, the Kan Yi Fan Triad, and/or the Ripoff Church is involved.
  • Take a shot every time a different language is used in the Japanese version.
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  • Take a shot every time Revy gets called a "heartless bitch."
  • Take a shot every time Revy says the words "fuckin' dead man".
  • Take a shot every time Rock gets told that he is different from the others.
  • Take a shot every time Rock is referred to as Japanese.
  • Take a shot if anybody threatens to kill Rock in some fashion (it may get as high as four, counting the ones detailed on the "Nintendo Hard" rules below).
  • Take a shot whenever Eda takes off her glasses. Take another shot if she did in response to people saying she's CIA. Take a shot if she does something violent (or threatens violence) upon the one who said that.
  • Nintendo Hard mode-part one: Take a shot if any character goes into a rant about how horrible the world is and how they are just looking out for number one. You will be more than a little glad that this seems to only happen once or twice an arc.
    • Two shots if it's Revy or Balalaika.
    • Two shots if Balalaika's rant makes some mention of how War Is Glorious.
    • Two shots if the rant is directed at Rock. Take an extra shot if Rock answers back in some fashion (no modifier if it somehow is a Crowning Moment of Whatever).
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    • Two shots if the rant includes them talking about their Back Story (at least a mention). Take two more shots if this is a mention of the very moment that they were maddened into misanthropy.
    • Take an extra shot if the rant includes a threat to Rock. Take another shot if it's a death threat. Take another shot if the threat states or implies them hating Rock for being a (relatively) Wide-Eyed Idealist.
    • Take an extra shot if the rant at some point segues into blasphemy.
    • Take an extra shot if the rant goes on for at least a minute.
    • Take an extra shot if the rant is part of (or happens after) an Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene, Moment of Awesome or Nightmare Fuel scene.
    • Take an extra shot if the person that the rant is directed at is somehow killed by the ranting person. Take an extra shot if it's a death by gunshot.
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    • Drain your drink if the rant instead is about how the same vision of a Crapsack World has made them The Anti-Nihilist. Serve yourself a new drink.
  • Nintendo Hard mode-part two: Drain the entire bottle if anybody introduced in some arc appears later and has become an even bigger bastard in the interim, or becomes said "bigger bastard" during said introduction arc and/or comes back even worse. This includes Rock, by the way.
    • Drain the bottle and take a pint if after being introduced a latter arc exposes a character as a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. Take as many shots as needed following the above rules if the exposure involves a speech from the character.