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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • During their stand against Vetto in the Underwater Temple, Magna and Luck individually reflect on their relationship and how much they admire the other in spite of their differences, showing that they truly are best friends.
  • Asta's arms are severely injured during the fight against Vetto, such that they are considered incurable by the Kingdon's best doctor, so the rest of the Black Bulls rally together behind his back to find a cure, defying their normal behaviors in an effort to stay focused.
    • Gauche, who normally doesn't like Asta due to Asta's friendship with Marie, researches ancient hexes in the royal library, even passing over a book about how to be the best big brother and make your little sister love you.
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    • Charmy goes to search for rare food ingredients and forgoes eating whatever she can get her hands on.
    • Vanessa returns to the Forest of Witches, which she had previously left to ask the Queen's help.
  • After the Witch Queen's plans are wrecked, she accepts defeat and heals the others. Seconds later, in a sincere gesture of love for Vanessa, the Queen tells the latter that she's free to return to the forest whenever she wants.
  • Although Asta inviting Kahono and Kiato to the Star Festival is enough to trigger friendship-WAFF, it's implied he did so just so he could give them the potion of Witch Queen's blood magic, thus healing their injuries. He was thinking of them through all the chaos of the previous arc.
    • Kahono then pays it forward by trying to hook him up with Noelle, Cool Big Sis style.
  • A little girl has lost her mother. She's crying alone in the street.
    • Asta, The Hero he is, moves forward of course but it is Noelle who reaches her first.
    • The four of them (Asta, Noelle, Kahono and Kiato) create an impromptu street performance to cheer her up.
    • Noelle is recognized as royalty by the girl's mom and gets suddenly distant and formal. Noelle tells her to knock it off. Royalty or commoner, everyone has the right to enjoy the Star Festival. Rather amazing character development, right? She's becoming quite the confident and benevolent princess.
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  • Why Julius created the current ranking system that allows even commoners to be recognized for their talents? He was inspired by Zara, who he considered the ideal Magic Knight back when they were knights, but he was never properly recognized for this. Which shows that there was someone out there that admired and saw Zara for who he was as a man as much as Zora Ideale does.
  • After Finral's team has lost in the Magic Knights tournament, his brother having long since lost any and all semblance of sanity, decides right then and there to kill him. There's not a moment's hesitation before Luck, Asta and Magna have their weapons pointed directly at his neck and make in no uncertain terms that if he moves even an inch, they'll put him down. No matter what happens or their opinion of each other, the Black Bulls ALWAYS have each other's back.
    • The anime's sixth opening adapts this into an awesome lingering shot of Luck, Magna, Vanessa, Gordon, Gauche, Charmy and Grey all standing in defense of Finral, right before Asta clashes with a raging Langris.
  • En Rigard showing support to Noelle saying that no brother should treat her the way Solid has. En Rigard himself having ten younger siblings whom he is protective of.
  • Nozel Silva giving gestures of love for Noelle as an act of reconciliation in Chapter 176. Even though he and his younger siblings always mocked her over the years, Nozel admits that he did it so she wouldn't disappear from his sight again since she reminds him of their deceased mother. Further, Nozel acknowledges how strong she has become.
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  • Asta refusing to abandon Mereoleona despite Zora's protests and the almost certain death that awaited them. In the end, he makes a miracle happen and saves her life.
  • In Chapter 190, Solid Silva follows Nozel's example in showing how much he loves Noelle while she's escaping with the other Black Bulls. While he acknowledges that Noelle has indeed become stronger, Solid assures her that he will become more stronger since he's her older brother. To top it all off, he tells her to return home soon because she's a member of the Silva family.
  • Luck finally is able to emote properly, and is driven to tears when realizing his new family will never leave him despite that he almost killed them all while brainwashed.
  • Henry finally having someone to talk to after YEARS of isolation when Asta joined the Black Bulls, since no one could get near him for very long due to his mana drain aura.
  • When Asta is declared evil by the congress and Damnatio, the entirety of the Black Bulls literally blast their way into the courtroom to defend him, effectively declaring war on the kingdom to protect their comrade. Doubles as Awesome. While it's no surprise seeing his comrades do so given how fond they are of Asta and how much he's inspired them as Magic Knights, Zora's reaction is particularly heartwarming given his views on magic knights as a whole. He calls Asta annoying, but an example of what a true MagicKnight should be.
  • Before that as Marie is brought in to be executed as part of a plot to trigger his Devil power, Asta without hesitation uses his anti-magic Black Asta form to save her, consequences be damned.

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