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  • The relationship between Miss Drill and the girls. Especially in the Season 3 premiere when she comforts Mildred over Ethel's bullying. And after spending the whole episode considering leaving her job, she decides to stay - her main motivation being to act as supervisor to Mildred and her friends' new club. And in a Book-Ends to the beginning of the episode, this time she joins in dancing with the girls - and looks like she's thoroughly enjoying it.
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  • Closely related is Miss Hardbroom's decision to stay in the season 2 finale. Specifically the conversation she has with Mildred.
  • In contrast to Maud in the books, who doesn't make up with Mildred until after she's saved the school from disaster, Maud in the Halloween Episode actually goes straight to Mildred's room to apologise for being frosty with her earlier:
    Maud: Millie? Millie, are you awake? I couldn't sleep for thinking about how horrible I was. I was tired and fed up, that's all. I'm still your friend, Millie. Nothing's changed, honestly.
  • When Mildred later explains the plan to save the school, Maud stops her in the middle of it to say "friends?" and they hug. Even though time is running out for them and the school (or perhaps because this is the case), Maud still wants her best friend to know how sorry she is.
  • In the first episode, which would also double as a Moment of Awesome. Maud, who has only been at the school for one week, stands up to Miss Hardbroom and Miss Cackle - to convince them to give Mildred a chance to finish her broomstick test.
    • Likewise Miss Bat sticks up for Mildred too, assuring them that they're Not So Different.
  • In the 2017 series, Miss Bat telling Mildred that she belongs at Cackles, and that she is a witch.
  • Maud telling and showing Millie, more than once, that if she had to choose between being her friend and attending Cackles, she'd choose the first.
  • The first sign of Miss Hardbroom's softer side in the first series. After Mildred has saved the school from a group of evil witches, Miss Hardbroom appears suspicious as to what Mildred was doing in the woods where she found the witches in the first place. Mildred tries to cover the fact that she was running away from school by saying she was simply going for a walk. Miss Hardbroom is still suspicious, since Mildred had all her belongings with her...but instead of the reprimand we've been expecting, she comes out with something quite different:
    Miss Hardbroom: Well...whatever the reason, we were all very lucky you were there. Thank you, Mildred.
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  • Throughout the 2017 series, HB's complete, absolute Undying Loyalty to Miss Cackle.
  • Miss Pentangle telling Mildred that You Are Better Than You Think You Are, that she has a gift, and offering her a place at her school.
    Miss Pentangle: "We think you're a very special witch, Mildred. We'd love to have you at our school."
    • When Mildred declines, Miss Pentangle is completely understanding.
  • Upon winning the Spelling Bee, Mildred is cheered on by all of her classmates and Miss Cackle.
  • Mildred setting things up so that Ms. Pentangle and HB can mend their bridges. HB later returns Mildred's cat to her, with an almost-smile.
  • Ms. Cackle combining a lesson for Ms. Pentangle, a lesson for Sybil, and a You Are Better Than You Think You Are for the latter, all at once.
  • Ms. Pentangle tells HB that she looked up to her, and kissing her on the cheek.
  • Ms. Cackle hugs Mildred as they wave goodbye to Ms. Pentangle, and promising to stay for a good long time.
  • While the magical ice is creeping up on them, Miss Cackle comforts the students until the very last.
  • The second series finale of the 2017 series has Mildred discovering that she has magical ancestry, saving the school and all its inhabitants, and attending a Halloween party. The episode closes with a shot of Mildred and her friends dancing together with huge grins on their faces.
  • After having been transformed into a troll in the 2017 series, Ethel tells her younger sister that "You are braver and smarter than you think you are."
  • In the same episode, after one of Ms Hubble's spells goes wrong, Mildred covers for her. Then Maud takes responsibility. Then Felicity speaks up as well. When HB sarcastically asks if anyone else would like to confess, every student in the room (except Ethel, obviously) raises their hands.

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