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  • Any moments between John in his pre-Jigsaw days and Jill are heartwarming and his post-death will tape for Jill and and their tape for the unborn Gideon tape are stand outs. You can tell that they loved each other very much and what followed was extremely heartbreaking for them.
    • John loves Jill enough, even after their divorce, that he specifically asks his apprentice to keep her safe after he is gone; he and Jill didn't divorce because they fell out of love, but because life spat in their face and they couldn't stay together. And he adores Jill enough to make provide his apprentices with orders to ensure that, if anything happens to her, she is avenged. Jill is the one person who, no matter what, John will not harm in any way, shape and/or form.
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  • In an odd way, Jigsaw's idealism regarding his methods. They're horrific, but he believes that anyone, murderers, rapists, even the man who inadvertently killed his unborn son, and the man who wrongly labeled his brain scans (causing the lack of proper treatment of his brain tumor), can be reformed. He has an odd sort of faith in humanity that many people lack, even if he takes it in entirely the wrong direction.
  • Lawrence putting his daughter to bed in the first film is fucking adorable. He plays "This Little Piggy" with her, promises to read her favorite story to her tomorrow, and assures her that he's never going to leave her. Lawrence was put in his trap because John thought he was cold, but this scene shows that he genuinely loves his family. It becomes heart-wrenching when he's frantically screaming and sobbing and even cutting his own foot off and (reluctantly) attempting to kill Adam to try to protect them.
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  • Despite their marital problems, Alison and Lawrence talking on the phone while she's holding Zep at gunpoint is touching in a sad way. She desperately asks where he is and begs for him to help them, and he tearfully says he's sorry for everything and that he's always been happy with her. It's obvious how much being in the bathroom and thinking about his wife has made him remember how fortunate he is.
  • Lawrence and Adam's last moments together before Lawrence crawled the bathroom, promising to get help for the two of them, holding onto each other for dear life are goddamn tear-jerking. It becomes even more powerful when you realize, as Leigh Whannell (Adam's actor) points out in the DVD commentary, that it's one of the the only times in the whole film where the two of them in the same shot, causing it to feel very intimate (and even refers to it as "the love scene.") The kicker is that Lawrence could have easily just left, but he dragged himself over to Adam, white as a sheet, bleeding like a stuck pig, shock setting in, just to hold him close.
    Adam: We're gonna be okay?
    Lawrence: I wouldn't lie to you.
  • A deleted scene from the third film shows us a kind, Adorkable side of Adam; seeing Amanda in his apartment building, he compliments her hair ( he says it's "very rockstar") asks her to come see his buddy's band, and asks sweetly if he can take her picture, to which she meekly says yes. She even smiles.
  • Saw III: Seeing Eric Matthews put himself through enough pain to make a hardened police veteran cry, in order to escape a trap that was intended to kill him, all in the name of finding and rescuing his son, Daniel. The kicker was the visual of Matthews, feebly limping through the corridors, desperately shouting the name of his son.
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  • An unused prop from Saw III: John’s real letter to Amanda (before Hoffman switched it with his blackmail letter), written by Tobin Bell himself.
    My dear Amanda -
    The enclosed is for you… to ease the waves in the sea you must navigate. Talk with Anthony McDonald at the Branch. He will take care of all.
    Do not look back, only ahead. You have arrived at the door – walk through. Don’t look back. You are strong and well. I know you think you have nothing to teach. We teach what we need to learn… that is enough.
    May I always breathe life into your soul… as you have done to mine.
    With love and hope;
    I believe in you—
  • During the shotgun carousel trap in Saw VI, William decides to save Emily because she has two kids that she needs to raise. Emily's dialogue during that bit also shows that he's close enough to her to know them well.
    Emily: I have two kids! You know them, Will!
    • One other thing that is notable is that the rest of the carousel victims don't make any attempt of arguing about this. They are quick to call each other out on their apparent lies, but they know Emily is telling the truth, and silently agree she should be one of the ones who are spared.
  • In Jigsaw, Logan is shown to have a very good relationship with his daughter, playing catch together, letting her sleep in his bed when she's sad, and Skype-calling her when she's at the babysitter's to tell her that he loves her and he'll be home from work soon. It's good to see that despite his wife's death, he's still very much an amazing dad to his little girl.
  • A meta one: after the success of the first film, and up until Saw VI, blood drives would be set up to promote the sequels and donors would receive a ticket to the film for their participation. It was brought back for Jigsaw and in total 120,000 pints (57,000 L) of blood had been donated and has led to over 360,000 lives being saved.
  • Another meta one: Gregg Hoffman was a producer for Saw and Saw II. He died while working on Saw III, and to pay respects, they named the main Jigsaw accomplice of the latter half of the franchise after him, and gave him a producer credit for every following film, including Jigsaw, as an acknowledgement that the series never could have existed if not for him.

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