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Self Demonstrating / Saw

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Hello, Troper. I want to play a game.

You've spent your life chronicling and reading of the lives of others, instead of living your own. Spent it locked in a basement room. You should feel at home where I've placed you today.

I offer you a chance to redeem yourself. And you'll even get a chance to put your skills to good use.

On the main page is a partial list of the tropes I've invoked in the movies amusingly depicting my efforts. If you can complete it — all of it, filling it with every cliché used for two seconds in my movies — you will go free.

You see? TV Tropes Will Enhance Your Life, by allowing you to continue living it. Sadly, if the list is not completed to my satisfaction... you have half a ton of solid metal hanging over you for a reason.

You have one hour.

Live, or die.

Make your choice.

Let the game begin.


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