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  • Jigsaw's entire plan for Adam and Lawrence in the first movie could qualify as his CMOA, considering the elaborate and mind screwing way he executes it. Also doubles as his Moral Event Horizon, when you think of the family he was holding hostage to accomplish it.
  • Lawrence's wife Alison turning the tables on her kidnapper, Zepp, to save both herself and her daughter, untying and ungagging herself, fighting off a grown man and holding him at gunpoint. And then there's the fact that they're among the only characters who are still alive by the end of the series.
    • Actually, whenever you see a protagonist survive at the end of a movie (or anyone for that matter), it's pretty awesome, considering the franchise's iconic Anyone Can Die complex.
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  • Adam revealing himself to be alive, and subsequently bashing in Zep's head. The Reveal made it an "Awesome Aneurysm Moment" so to speak, but then the reveal was awesome in its own way.
  • Props to the creators for the twist at the end. Foreshadowing with just the right amount of subtlety.

Saw II

  • Jigsaw asking Matthews for a glass of water. The delivery is just brilliant.
  • Also, after seeing Jigsaw walk away from all his actions at the end of the first Saw film, seeing Eric Matthews give him a damn good beating was satisfying.
  • The absolute Nerves of Steel Obi has when being threatened: Xavier has a knife to Obi's throat after learning that he helped kidnap them and is loudly and angrily ordering him to enter one of the traps to retrieve two antidotes. Obi doesn't so much as flinch during this whole ordeal, and he calmly reaches up, takes hold of the blade of Xavier's knife, and - still without flinching - drags it across his own throat to draw a bit of blood.
    Obi: If you're gonna threaten me with a knife, might as well cut me a little.


  • You gotta give props to Jeff. He did what the entire police force couldn't do: kill both Jigsaw and an apprentice in short order. (Even if it didn't do him much good.)

Saw IV

  • Rigg coldly telling Ivan to strap himself into a Jigsaw trap. Seeing how Rigg is being tested because of his Chronic Hero Syndrome, him having no pity for a cruel serial rapist is satisfying.
  • The Spike Trap is equal parts terrifying and awesome. An older couple, Morgan and Rex, are chained back-to-back on a metal pole with spikes driven through their bodies. The spikes pierce Morgan's body at positions she'll heal from, while Rex's pierce through major blood vessels. Rex has been horribly abusive toward her and their daughter, to the point of causing her multiple fractures, and Jigsaw's tape asks her to finally disconnect herself from this horrible man. As soon as it ends, and with just a moment of hesitation at the start, she rips the spikes out one by one.
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  • John's last tape:
    John: You think you will walk away untested? I promise that my work will continue, that I have ensured. By hearing this tape, some will assume that this is over, but I am still among you. You think it's over, just because I am dead? It's not over. The games have just begun.

Saw V

  • Seeing Strahm beating the shit out of Hoffman was amazing.
    John: The games have just begun.
    Strahm: Fuck you.
  • Luba knocking out Charles, the absolute dickhead.
    Luba: Survival of the fittest, my ass!

Saw VI

  • For many people, watching a medical insurance executive being put through the wringer (to say the least) was cathartic.
    • On the reverse side of that, said health insurance executive summing up why Jigsaw is full of bullshit and extremely narrow-minded.
    William: Everybody thinks we're the bad guys. Nobody mentions the millions of people we help every year without incident. Or the millions of dollars we donate to charity every year. Or all the free clinics we support.
  • When Josh's turn comes round on the Shotgun Carousel, he knows he's about to die, but before he's taken out with a blast to the chest, he goes out with a wonderfully vengeful and angry Final Speech.
    "Aw, well that's it, isn't it? It's over. You motherfucker! You spineless, pussy-whipped motherfucker! That's all it takes, eh? A bitch says one thing and it's all over! You know what William? Your policy is bullshit! Fucking bullshit! Well you listen to me, you son of a bitch. I did everything for you. Look at me! When you're killing me, you look at me!"
  • Brent, when he takes matters into his own hands after his mother decides not to kill William. Whether or not it was justifiable is subjective, but it's hard to deny that his total lack of uncertainty or hesitation took balls.
    Brent: You killed my father, you motherfucker! Now you burn in hell!
  • Also, Hoffman's escape from the Reverse Bear Trap, with seemingly no method of survival. "Will to live" doesn't really do it justice.
    • Especially awesome considering a vocal majority of the fandom was clamoring for Hoffman to be put in the jaw-splitter to die at the time, and his method of improvised survival gained the Lieutenant a squadron of fans.

Saw 3D


  • The Reveal that Logan is the Jigsaw Killer, swiftly followed by them killing off the guy you thought to be the killer is quite the badass introduction to our new Jigsaw.
  • In a meta sense; after a seven year Sequel Gap and the series having a less-than-stellar reputation, Jigsaw, by all appearances, managed to successfully restart the franchise by earning $102 million and is generally considered to be one of the better entries, among both critics and fans.
  • The Serial Escalation with the traps. We've gone from rusty scraps and barbed wire to collars mounted with laser cutters.

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