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Heartwarming / Incredible Hulk

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  • After Skaar attempted to kill the Hulk, but then reverts to human form right before the Green Scar is about to strike him in retaliation, this reminds Green Scar of his own abusive father. The Green Scar immediately turns back into Bruce, and he and Skaar finally hug each other as father and son. Also overlaps with Tear Jerker, after seeing the flashbacks to Bruce's own childhood.
  • When Hulk meets all of his dead family and friends during Chaos War, reunites with his mother (who doesn't like his wife Red She-Hulk), makes up with Doc Samson (now restored from the Character Derailment) and Doctor Strange, is saved from his father, empowered by all the fear that Bruce felt for him, by Queen Jarella empowered by all the love that he felt for her, and they give each other a hug before they have to be parted again.
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  • After depowering gamma-irradiated mutates wherever he can find then, the newly super-intelligent Hu-, sorry, Doc Green, finally confronts Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk, asks the Avengers with her if they can talk privately as he brings the cure (which is later in She-Hulk's possession), and...they have a heart-to-heart talk. Doc Green admits that he had no intention of curing Jennifer, as she's the only one who didn't let the gamma radiation ruin her life. Doc Green outright says she is "the best of them" by consistently proving that she doesn't have to be a menace to the world, and can be a hero. He then reveals that the cure is for him, in case a rogue AI he created attempts to steal his body while the Extremis virus he emerged from wears off, or he gets tempted to using more of it and unleashing of malevolent persona of The Maestro onto the world. Jen reassures that it won't come to that. He also tells Jen that the Extremis gave him a new perspective of seeing the world, and wishes he could see more of it, crying over the short time he has while Jennifer comforts him.
  • In the second Superman/Spider-Man crossover, The Hulk was incited into an Unstoppable Rage by a noise-emitting device (created by Doctor Doom). After Superman removed the device, there's this exchange.
    Superman: All I want to do is help you, Hulk. That's my job — helping people.
    Hulk: Hulk isn't people. Hulk is... different. But so is Cape-Man! Cape-Man looks like puny human, but isn't! Hulk... trusts Cape-Man!
    • In the 1999 Roger Stern Hulk/Superman crossover, Hulk never fully trusts Superman, but Superman does give one hell of a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Ross and Luthor, angrily saying that he understands the Hulk's rage. The Framing Story has Clark treating his inability to help Banner/Hulk as My Greatest Failure alongside his now-wife Lois.
  • Immortal Hulk #13 features a brief moment between Banner and the Hulk. Picking up a character note from Avengers: No Surrender, Banner just wants to die after everything that's happened in his life, and then the Hulk quietly states that despite him being Banner's worst side he will protect him above everything else, indeed always has protected him, and that he loves him.


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