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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned.

  • Victor and Victoria's first meeting at the piano. It's so awkward but yet surprisingly sweet.
    • After three hours of bumbling their marriage recital, Victoria still likes Victor. She even helps him relight his candle and seems genuinely worried while both of their parents glare at him once he is sent away to learn his vows.
  • Many very unexpectedly happen in the part where the dead return for a while to the land of the living.
    • The living are scared witless as the shambling corpses close in. A family is horrified as their small child approaches one of them. The dead, skeletal man picks the boy up. In a sweet, innocent voice, the little boy says... "Grandpa?" Cue the dead grandfather hugging his grandson.
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    • "Alfred? Oh, you've been dead for fifteen years!" "Frankly, my dear... I don't give a damn!" What makes this one especially sweet is that Alfred appears to have still been kind of young when he died. Even though Gertrude is now a half-blind old woman, Alfred's obviously still madly in love with his wife.
    • Mayhew cheerfully greets the butcher he was hanging out with at the beginning, implying that they were friends when he was alive.
    • A man and an undead woman are briefly shown embracing each other, implying that they were husband and wife.
  • Victor was willing to die for Emily. Granted, he could see the afterlife was not so bad, but being able to overcome ingrained survival instincts by the Power of Love alone is impressive.
  • Emily getting between the sword and Victor protecting him from Lord Barkis has to count. There is another brief moment from Emily during Victor's fight; at one point, a number of church benches are knocked over, so Emily puts her hand on Victoria's shoulder and pulls her to safety. Emily probably didn't like Victoria at first since she thought she and Victor were cheating together, but she doesn't let that get in the way from being protective towards Victoria, who she might have wanted to help after seeing she was 'married' to Lord Barkis, and knew personally that he was a dangerous person.
  • Emily's I Want My Beloved to Be Happy. Her life- (and death-) long dream was in her hand...and she let it go so that others could be happy in her place. Counts as a Heroic Sacrifice, no?
    • Or far more likely, as her finally realizing that she doesn't need to hang on her Tragic Dream anymore, and she's free to go to Heaven now and rest in the peace she deserves. In any way, it's lovely and awesome.
      Victor: Wait. I made a promise…
      Emily: You kept your promise. You set me free. (takes off the wedding ring and puts it in Victor’s hand) Now I can do the same for you.
    • Especially since her choice didn't even take Victor into account - she was perfectly content with marrying him and having him all to herself...until she sees Victoria standing nearby, dressed in her bridal gown, looking on in shock. It's only then that Emily realizes that as much as she wants to live out her lost dreams as a happy bride, in doing so, she's stealing those same dreams from someone else.
  • Emily and Victor's piano duet. Near the end of the duet, note how Victor reacts to Emily's detached hand. The last two times that her arm came off and held onto Victor's arm, he shook it off in fear. Now, he takes Emily's hand without a blink or sign of fear and sweetly reattaches it back to her arm, even complimenting her.
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  • In a bizarre way, typical of Tim Burton, there is the moment when Emily drags Victor to the netherworld in front of Victoria. However shocking that sight is to Victoria, at least it is a relief to know that she understands that her betrothed has not abandoned her of his free will.
  • Victoria's maid Hilda acts as a Parental Substitute to Victoria, and is the only one who shows concern when Victoria tells her mother what happened to Victor, only to be dismissed as crazy. It's nice to know that someone in Victoria's family cares about her.
    • On the day of her Wedding to Lord Barkis, poor Victoria bemoans her tragic fate, forced to marry a cruel stranger who will never hold a candle to Victor. But Hilda gives her some words of comfort to assure her that although it may not be to Victor, marriage can lead to happiness. Granted this is Lord Barkis we're talking about, it's the thought that counts.
  • After they first meet, Emily makes a sincere effort to get to know her new husband, and Victor reciprocates, albeit briefly.
  • In addition, the fact that none of the dead discriminate against the still-living Victor. One might expect them to show envy or prejudice against him for still being alive or being married to their beloved Emily, but no, they welcome him and treat him as one of their own.
  • The fact that Emily somehow found Victor's old dog Scraps in the underworld and gave him to Victor as a wedding present.
  • All of the undead going after Barkis when they find out what he did to Emily. It seems that even the undead are willing to stick up for each other. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Watching Victor's reactions to the characters and atmosphere of the underworld change is really heartwarming, considering how he reacts when he first arrived compared to his disposition during the Wedding Song.

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